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Robert Iger CEO or No?


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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here so don't mad at me if I upset anyone or fail to follow proper etique...

    I personaly don't feel Eisner should leave Disney. He is not the evil man so many people on this and other Disney boards make him out to be. On a personal level he donates very large amounts of his time and money to worthwhile charities. He is a good man. A kind and giving man. Beyond that his mind for bussiness is unquestionable. Roy and Stanley have their save Disney campaign which has it's pros, and cons but don't forget this is really Save Disney V.2. The first time Roy set out to save Disney he hand selected Eisner to do it. And he did. He did it in 1984 and he did it again more recently with the Comcast take over. (...I still won't allow cable at my house) Every Disney fan owes Eisner a HUGE debt of gratitued for that. He does truly love Disney. He has devoted his life to it for the last 20 years.

    He does of course like all of us have his faults. He may be at time a micro-managing jerk but so was Walt. One of his biggest problems is that he doesn't answer to to Disney fans he answers to shareholders. That is his job and he does it extremely well. He also lacks creativity and here in lies his biggest fault. Eisner should not be forced out of Disney he should instead be forced to give some of his power to someone who has a creative vision for the company. I always look at it like this. Eisner is Roy senior, the man behind the genius who made it all happen and happen while still making a profit. All that's missing from the equation is a genius like Walt to come up with those wonderful ideas and revitalize Disney theme parks and animation.
    Eisner needs a partner to help guide him in the right direction. When and if he goes I fear that no matter who replaces the Disney company as we know will soon be no longer.

    OK just had to get that off my chest. On a happier note I just booked my trip to be at DL on 7/17. Hope to see some of you there--and even more hopefully to see some of you on SM.


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      Originally posted by dlfan1313
      I personaly don't feel Eisner should leave Disney. . . . On a happier note I just booked my trip to be at DL on 7/17. Hope to see some of you there--and even more hopefully to see some of you on SM.
      Great to have you here dlfan!

      It isn't really a question of if Eisner should leave anymore. He has announced that he is stepping down. So now the company must choose a new CEO and possibly Chirman of the Board as well.

      On the happier note, we would LOVE to see you. Please stop by the hub at noon. We'll be there! (If that location changes, we'll post it in the Calendar).
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        Originally posted by Malin
        The perfect CEO is someone who has the ability to trust people which Michael Eisner didn't.
        I think Bob Iger could do it.
        Maybe. I think the downfall of Eisner isn't being untrustworthy, it's being unwilling to take positions that may be unpopular. Eisner's been taking the safe route for years with company projects. Did your new idea catch on? Make sequels! Building a theme park? Do what Knott's or Six Flags is doing. Attraction requires inventing something that doesn't exist yet? Forget it!

        If Eisner of today took the place of Eisner of yesterday when entering the company, they'd fail in two years.

        If Iger's willing to take some risks, then he could pull the company out of it's rut. If not... Well, I don't think he could be any worse than the devil we know, really.


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          I actually think Eisner is when he wants to be is a very creative person.And I hope he does stay on in some capacity after he retires.Eisner is someone who understands what Disney's all about.Sadly while Michael has slipped in his ways over the years,the Disney brand is still strong and has not forgotten its history unlike some other Studios.

          Like dlfan I too will be at the Resort on 7/17 and if its ok with you guys I may like to meet up with some of you.May as well while Im in the area.
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            Everyone knows eisner will step down.. but he still will have "creative consult" part of the company....

            I do want someone who would bring back the great Disney animation era... (remember Little mermaid through about mulan or hunchback.... (i dont haev the order in my heads..) but how the songs help progress the movies... and had to be there... and they became classics... not like atlantis that didn't have one song.... (um.... you may want to hold me down if i find the idea behind that... cause he/she made a bad decision and must be Fired or die....)


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