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Preview of Goblet of Fire next weekend!


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  • Preview of Goblet of Fire next weekend!

    I just saw that ABC is premiering a sneak peak of the new Harry Potter movie next Saturday during the network premier of "The Chamber of Secrets" I am excited!!!!! The clips look pretty good and I have only seen a few stills from the movie- so hopefully, this will be worth seeing!
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    I loves me some Harry Potter!!!


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      YAY! That's exciting! That book is one of my favs out of the set so far!
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        what... next saturday.... Nooo.... Why does me not see this... Prom... I got to get Tivo or a DVR....


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          I am wondering if they are going to recast the trio of OOTP.


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            I think it's gonna be awesome i'm a HP fan myself! can't wait to see the preview.


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              Did you know that the next Harry Potter book is being released the 16th of July. That means I am going to have to try to snag a copy while traveling out to Disneyland for the anniversary. Perhaps you will see me reading it, while waiting to get into the park on the 17th. I love Harry Potter. I just hope the next book is better than the last. I was dissapointed in the Order of the Phoenix. I am wondering what they will include and not include in Goblet of Fire (the movie) it was such a long book - my favorite. I am especially looking forward to the beginning of that book being shown on film.


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                yay, 600 posts! :]

                Thanks for the news dramaqueen!


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                  Images from the ABC preview


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                    Originally posted by ah schucks
                    thank you for that link ah schucks!


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                      Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Indy Cant Wait!!!
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                        Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: HPANA reports that the running time for the teaser trailer for "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" will be 81 seconds. The commercial that advertised next week's ABC clip is now online. Click Here


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                          I have one main problem with the last three books- and that is her need to cram HUGE amounts of dialogue and revelation into the end of the books.

                          PoA- the Shrieking Shack chapters- went on FOREVER. Then the movie came along and made it too short instead. But all the reveals and back history was painful to read through- and this is coming from someone who LOVES the books and looks up to Rowling very much.

                          GoF- the monloguing by Voldemort. GAH! Again- HUGE chapter filled with a synopsis of his life (or half life) for the past 13 years. It was a data dump! Hard to get through again.

                          OoTP- same problem- only this time it was the revelations by Dumbledore. Now I KNOW the series is wrapping up and it is time to learn more- but it's like we go through the book with interesting events and dialogue and slow meaningful reveals and lately she just dumps info on us in large inedible chunks at the end of the last three books.

                          It's frustrating- and implies to me that this series of books should have been longer, with shorter books and more time to reveal mysteries and portents as we go along.

                          Has anyone else felt this way?


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