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Favorite Futurama Character? Favorite Moments?


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  • Favorite Futurama Character? Favorite Moments?

    I figured since I posted the happy news about a new season of Futurama coming to Comedy Central I wanted to see who your favorite charater(s) is(are)? Also why not share your favorite moments on Futurama.

    Well my favorite charaters are Leela, Bender (bite my shiney metal a--), Kiff, Hermeys, Dr Zoidburg, Fry, Nibbler.

    I have many favorite moments but here are just a few:

    Fry saving the universe from the Brain Spawn twice and all because he did the "Nasty in the pasty" (his own words) with his own grandmother.
    The episode where they go to the Slurm factory, I love the whole Charlie and the Chocolate Factory referance in that episode.
    The Titanic episode was great all together
    The episode where Fry changes hands with The Robot Devil. You have love the Robot Devil complaining how Fry's hands kept touching things.

    These are just a few of my favorites.
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