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First 'Hollywoodland', then 'Gone, Baby, Gone' - USA TODAY 9/6/06


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  • First 'Hollywoodland', then 'Gone, Baby, Gone' - USA TODAY 9/6/06

    Low-key Affleck takes off into 'Hollywoodland'

    Updated 9/6/2006 9:29 PM ET

    Focus Features
    Affleck: New role explores thedeath of 1950s Superman actor.

    By Anthony Breznican, USA TODAY

    Ben Affleck is hunting for some audience goodwill.
    After two years out of the spotlight, the actor whose reputation was scorched by overheated media coverage of his love life and a handful of lackluster films is back on screen.

    The first role after his self-imposed exile: George Reeves, the tragic Superman actor of the 1950s whose mysterious death is explored in Hollywoodland, opening Friday.

    Affleck, 34, is receiving some of the strongest reviews since his 1997 breakthrough in Chasing Amy and goodwill Hunting, which earned him a screenplay Oscar with Matt Damon.

    Affleck's new movie also is drawing comparisons with his life. Both Affleck and Reeves faced career crises amid withering press and a public that projected the actors' screen images onto their real lives. Unlike Reeves, who is believed to have committed suicide, Affleck used the career grief to fuel his performance, says Hollywoodland screenwriter and executive producer Paul Bernbaum.

    "It's about who you really are, as opposed to who people think you are," Bernbaum says. "Whatever role (Affleck) played in the press, that wasn't him. When you're followed 24 hours a day, you can't be yourself. And George had the same problem. He wasn't Superman, but that's all anyone wanted to see. Ben could really relate to that."
    Affleck is going back to his roots by writing and directing the kidnapping thriller Gone, Baby, Gone, set in his hometown of Boston. It's due next year. "It's a gritty drama, very powerful, very emotional," says Daniel Battsek, president of Miramax films, which is releasing Gone and is a partner on Hollywoodland. "He may not have been on screen for a little while, but he's a young guy and has plenty of career left in him, both as an actor and a director."

    Affleck and Miramax go 'Gone' February 17, 2006
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