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  • Lassie

    I haven't seen any mention of this fine film (one of the best reviewed films of the year) and thought it deserved a thread, especially for all you parents who are always searching for a great family film.

    "Parents rightly pine that there aren't enough quality films to watch with their kids, and then - not unlike the way Warner Bros. thoughtlessly dumped Carroll Ballard's boy-and-his-cheetah film "Duma" into the dog days of 2005 - "Lassie" is released at the tail end of vacation time, when families are gearing up for the new school year.

    Once again, an intelligently conceived and immaculately produced film that talks up to kids and plays as a full-grown movie for adults is treated like so many hand-me-downs by clueless American distributors.

    What will parents and their kids miss? Only the best version by far of the Lassie story, an ocean away from the sappy June Lockhart TV series."
    "America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between." Oscar Wilde

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    Re: Lassie

    My cat's name is Lassie. The kids don't know why this is funny to anyone who meets our Lassie.

    We can't wait to see the movie with them....mystery solved!


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