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  • Drops Yahoo for Quigo - Advertising Age, 9/7/06

    Advertising Age, 9/7/06 Drops Yahoo for Quigo

    Unit With Ties to Disney Will Provide Contextual Ads for Sports Site

    By Gavin O'Malley

    NEW YORK ( -- Yahoo's contextual ad network is losing a prized relationship with, which has reached an exclusive deal with contextual ad firm Quigo. Quigo will now provide ESPN's site with private versions of its Ad Sonar technology platform, allowing the sports publisher to auction sponsored links to its advertisers.

    Dealing directly
    While Yahoo and Google continue to increase the size of their search and contextual ad networks, some publishers are opting for companies that allow them to deal directly with advertisers.

    "We've been told by many advertisers that they'd like to buy directly rather than through a network," an spokesman said. "Now we can leverage our brand with an ESPN ad auction, which gives advertisers more options than they had before."
    Full Story: Drops Yahoo for Quigo
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