A first look at Disney's Meet the Robinsons game for PS2, scheduled for release in March 2007:

IGN, 9/6/06
Disney's Meet the Robinsons Hands-on

Invent your way out of peril in this upcoming action adventure.
by Juan Castro

September 6, 2006 - Along with Chicken Little, Buena Vista Games brought a playable build of Meet the Robinsons to the IGN offices today. It still seemed rather early, as the demo had to end a little short due to its instability. But it still gave us a better indication of what the game's about. The last time BVG showed it off was at E3 at a time when IGN staffers could only see a super small section of the first stage.

For those who don't know, the story takes place in different time periods. The protagonist, Wilbur, actually invents a time machine and rockets through time for school projects and, ultimately, to save his own existence. It's a pretty cool story for a movie, and from the demo, it looks like developers ran with the concept. The first stage, for instance, takes place in ancient Egypt, where Wilbur is investigating a tomb for a school paper. Visually, the stage looked pretty good, but what made it impressive was the amount of destructible objects in the environment.
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