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Cypress Garden files for bankruptcy - Sun-Sentinel - 9/12/2006


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  • Cypress Garden files for bankruptcy - Sun-Sentinel - 9/12/2006

    WINTER HAVEN -- Cypress Gardens, the 70-year-old theme park saved from the wrecking ball two years ago, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, citing debts incurred after it was hit by three hurricanes in 2004.

    The park, one of the oldest in Florida, will remain open and no major cutbacks are planned, said Ward Stone Jr., a Macon, Ga., attorney who filed the bankruptcy petition Monday in federal court in Georgia.

    ``All passes will be honored, all discounts will be honored,'' Stone said Tuesday. ``There will be no interruption or changes in operations. It will be business as usual.''

    Cypress Gardens opened in 1936 and was a hit for decades, but it was unable to compete with the sophisticated attractions at nearby Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens. It closed in 2003.

    Valdosta, Ga., theme park operator Kent Buescher bought Cypress Gardens for $7 million under a complicated deal that involved state and local government and a nonprofit conservation group. It reopened in December 2004, after delays caused by the hurricanes.

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    Re: Cypress Garden files for bankruptcy - Sun-Sentinel - 9/12/2006

    They shouldn't have turned it into a carnival. Totally flies in the face of their real client base. Sell all the flat rides, keep a few of the interesting things that older people can enjoy with their grand kids. Make the park REALLY cheap to get into and charge extra for the rides and shows. They could really make this park work, if they just understood their demographic better (Old People). It just makes me sick to see such a wonderful park going down the tubes like this.

    If anyone from the park's corporate staff is reading this, please contact me. My real world job is saving businesses like yours!

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      Re: Cypress Garden files for bankruptcy - Sun-Sentinel - 9/12/2006

      ^ Just had to LOL at Dusty's post. I agree.

      I never went to the park, and although it says they won't be closing, you don't file BK unless your in trouble or need help.

      I can see most of the rides being moved to Wild Adventures in Valdosta.


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