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'SIX DEGREES' from J.J. Abrams


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  • 'SIX DEGREES' from J.J. Abrams

    Looks like an exceptional cast with a nice premise:

    And here's another cool reason to check out J.J.'s new show:

    Jakob Dylan Writes & Performs Theme for 'Six Degrees' J.J. Abrams-Produced Drama Debuts Thursday on ABC

    Jakob Dylan writes and performs the theme song for "Six Degrees," the new J.J. Abrams-produced drama premiering Thursday, September 21 on ABC. (PRNewsFoto/Columbia Records)


    Show's Producers to Also Incorporate New
    Jakob Dylan Songs Into Episodes

    NEW YORK, Sept. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Columbia Records recording artist Jakob Dylan has written and recorded the theme song for "Six Degrees," the new ABC Television drama produced by J.J. Abrams (Lost) that airs Thursdays at 10:00 p.m. ET.

    "Here Comes Now," produced by Steve Lillywhite (U2, Dave Matthews), is a ringing, anthemic track that complements the show's theory that every person on the planet is connected to every other person ... or soon will be. The song will debut in the show's season premiere, Thursday, September 21, 2006 on ABC following "Grey's Anatomy."

    New songs written and recorded by Dylan will also be utilized in the show on a regular basis, with "Stardust Universe" and "No Matter What" slated for early episodes. The songs will be available on iTunes( soon after their airings on Six Degrees

    According to "Six Degrees" Executive Producer J.J. Abrams, "I've been a huge fan of Jakob's for years -- his music has soul and heart and makes you feel good. I'm thrilled to have this chance to work with and get to know this incredible artist." Jakob Dylan commented, "J.J. and his team make such great and innovative television, and I was instantly intrigued by their plans to make music such an integral part of the storytelling of 'Six Degrees.' Plus, J.J. promised me that I can see episodes of 'Lost' before anyone else, but that had nothing to do with my saying yes."

    Jakob Dylan is the Grammy Award-winning songwriter and leader of The Wallflowers, whose hits include "One Headlight", "6th Avenue Heartache,""Sleepwalker," "When You're On Top," and "The Beautiful Side of Somewhere." Through five acclaimed albums and millions of records sold, Jakob and his band have steered a steady course through the ever-changing trends of modern-day pop music to create a sound and a body of work that remain timeless.

    They say that anyone on the planet can be connected to any other person through a chain of six people, which means that no one is a stranger... for long. In, "Six Degrees," a new drama from the producers of "Lost" and "Alias," six very different New Yorkers go about their lives without realizing the impact they're having on one another -- yet. A mysterious web of coincidences will gradually draw them closer, changing the course oftheir lives forever.

    "Six Degrees" stars Jay Hernandez ("Friday Night Lights") as Carlos, Bridget Moynahan ("Sex and the City") as Whitney, Erika Christensen("Flightplan") as Mae, Dorian Missick ("Lucky Number Slevin") as Damian,with Campbell Scott ("The Secret Lives of Dentists") as Steven Caseman and Hope Davis ("About Schmidt") as Laura. The series is shot on location in New York City. Executive producers are J.J. Abrams, Stuart Zicherman, Raven Metzner, Bryan Burk and Ken Biller. "Six Degrees" is produced by TouchstoneTelevision.
    SOURCE Columbia Records
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    Re: 'SIX DEGREES' from J.J. Abrams

    Jay Hernandez and Erika Christensen play two of the
    many appealing characters in this ABC drama.

    Sep. 20, 2006

    Six Degrees

    By Barry Garron
    The Hollywood Reporter

    Bottom line: New York is the perfect setting for this fresh, feel-good drama.

    10-11 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 21

    Kevin Bacon notwithstanding, the phrase "six degrees of separation" has evolved to stand for the idea that we're all somehow connected, a slightly hipper version of "It's a small world." Practically everyone has a story about a coincidental connection that changed their life and rare is the film or TV series without one or more. This year's best picture Oscar winner, "Crash," for example, might just as easily have laid claim to the title "Six Degrees."

    This series, though, is a softer, gentler and more romantic version of the concept. It owes more to the storytelling tradition of Aaron Spelling than to the societal observations of Paul Haggis. Also, the ABC series from Stuart Zicherman and Raven Metzner, produced under J.J. Abrams' umbrella, plays out on the other coast.
    Bad Robot Prods. and Nosebleed Prods. in association with Touchstone Television
    Executive producers: Stuart Zicherman, Raven Metzner, J.J. Abrams, Thom Sherman, Bryan Burk
    Producer: Margo Myers
    Co-producer: David Dworetzky
    Director: Rodrigo Garcia
    Teleplay-creators: Stuart Zicherman, Raven Metzner
    Director of photography: Phil Abraham
    Production designer: Dan Davis
    Editor: Tanya Swerling
    Set designer: Jennifer Greenberg
    Music: Michael Giacchino ('ALIAS', 'LOST', 'The Incredibles', the new Space Mountain and Pixar's 'One Man Band')
    Casting: April Webster, Mandy Sherman, Veronica Collins Rooney, Jennifer McNamara
    Carlos: Jay Hernandez
    Whitney: Bridget Moynahan
    Mae: Erika Christensen
    Damian: Dorian Missick
    Steven: Campbell Scott
    Laura: Hope Davis

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    "If you don't know how to draw, you don't belong in this building" - John Lasseter 2006


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