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Disney's 'The Guardian' film "confused" w/ serial killer guardian angel horror movie


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  • Disney's 'The Guardian' film "confused" w/ serial killer guardian angel horror movie

    Lia Scott Price's 'The Guardian' Film Confused with Costner/Kutcher Flick

    Lia Scott Price (pictured right) and her indie film 'The Guardian.'
    (PRNewsFoto/Lia Scott Price Productions)


    LOS ANGELES, Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Sometimes film titles with the same name, when inadvertently released at the same time, can cause confusion.

    Author/Film Producer Lia Scott Price, the creator of Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angel(TM) characters, found that her fans were confusing the DVD title of her own indie film 'The Guardian' with the Kevin Costner/Ashton Kutcher Action/Adventure film 'The Guardian.'

    "Congratulations! We saw the billboard/ads for your film!" say friends, family, and fans of Price. Price has to explain that it's a different film with the same name. For the record, Lia Scott Price's 'The Guardian' horror film, released in September on DVD by DarkAngel Distributors on, depicts a deadly sword-wielding guardian angel as mercy killer who targets people who pray for an end to their pain. "Be careful what you pray for" is the movie's message. And yes, there is a novel that Lia Scott Price's 'The Guardian' is based on 'The Guardian' ( about her Serial Killer Guardian Angel(TM). The film version is produced by Lia Scott Price Productions, Inc. and Price stars in it.

    "Two films with the same name but completely different storylines just happened to be released and publicized at the same time, by coincidence." says Price. "I feel like I've been 'punked' by Ashton Kutcher," Price jokes. "But seriously, he's a great actor and his film's a cool film." "This has happened before," says Price.

    Her first film 'Lia Scott Price's Dominion' about her Vampire Guardian Angels(TM) based on her novel 'Dominion' (featuring Emmy-winning The Office's Rainn Wilson who plays a nasty guardian angel) was confused with 'Dominion: The Prequel to the Exorcist.' "But it's no big deal. It's amusing." Lia Scott Price's 'The Guardian' trailer and DVD link can be viewed at Info about Lia Scott Price's View on Guardian Angels can be viewed at: Fans of the author-turned-film producer were introduced to a creepier and deadlier image of guardian angels through her novels, and now, they are coming to life through her films.

    Lia Scott Price Productions is a Los Angeles-based production company that produces film versions of Lia Scott Price's supernatural serial killer novels. For more information of Lia Scott Price's films and novels, visit
    and surprise, surprise:
    SOURCE Lia Scott Price Productions
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