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Can't Spell "Higher" Without "Iger" - The Motley Fool, 9/28/06


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  • Can't Spell "Higher" Without "Iger" - The Motley Fool, 9/28/06

    The Motley Fool, 9/28/06
    Can't Spell "Higher" Without "Iger"

    By Rick Aristotle Munarriz

    I didn't want to like Disney CEO Bob Iger. When Michael Eisner announced that he would be stepping down as chieftain of the family entertainment giant, I had my own opinions about who could best lead the company into the future. Even though I had pegged Iger as the likely successor, I proposed that Sirius Satellite Radio's Mel Karmazin, Apple's Steve Jobs, or eBay's Meg Whitman would have been better fits to run Disney.

    After all, if Iger was Eisner's choice, and investors were longing for the anti-Eisner antidote to polish the brand, how good could an insider executive like Iger be? Wasn't a visionary outsider the better call to break Disney out of its rut of producing lackluster direct-to-video animated drivel and watering down the quality of its theme parks with cookie cutter attractions?

    I was braced for the worst -- and refreshingly surprised when I got the best, instead.
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    Re: Can't Spell "Higher" Without "Iger" - The Motley Fool, 9/28/06

    I understand what he is saying. I was expecting the same from Iger as we got from Eisner. Many people thought the same. He has definately proved me wrong.


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