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  • Mickey's Magic Show LIVE! review


    I got my chance to see this show yesterday afternoon at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. It was pretty interesting. I think this is just me, but it felt slow paced. I think they could have done more. The "Toontown Players" have come all the way from Toontown to perform for your enjoyment. The new heads on Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Daisy are awesome. It's surreal. They act normal... as in they move around as if they had the normal heads, I didn't feel like they were restricted on their movements... especially Goofy (you'll see why in the show). And their hats are removable!! So here's what I can remember from what happened, it may not be in the right order:

    There were several shop and food stands in the lobbies. Selling the usually merchandise, popcorn, etc. They had a photo-op where they'll take your picture with a Mickey statue, for a large cost. No recording devices were permitted inside the theater. Although I saw many parents taking pics of the stage and their kids. There was quite a few moments in the show where they had audience participation.

    There was really no bad seat in the theater, it's well designed. Too many little kids running around and crying, but it IS a family show. Goofy makes a cute announcement before the show starts. Benny and Brad are our human hosts. They do small tricks while talking and putting the stuff to Mickey's hand which is just peeking out of the curtains. Mickey and the gang come out. Goofy gets tangled up in rope and is swinging around on it... including going upside down and his hat falling off! Donald is eager to do his magic trick, but is refused until later on.

    First act is in "Wonderland". Mad Hatter performs hat tricks with Alice and Goofy. The White Rabbit appears from behind the curtain. Magic does a card trick which transitions to The Queen of Hearts. BTW, the costumes were made especially for this show, you don't see it similar in the theme parks. The Queen looked UGLY. I'm not sure if it was a mask or half a mask. It looked like the bad guy that was killed off by Big Boy in the beginning of "Dick Tracy". One of the human hosts held up a Joker card and is sentenced for punishment. He gets in a box and Goofy twists the host's head which twists the hosts's body up like a cartoon. Alice was Goofy's assissant.

    Mickey performs magic with brooms. While he's on the right side trying to control a broom, Minnie is in the center sitting down between two brooms sticking in the table. As Mickey performs with his socercer's hat on, brooms walk in on stage in the background in WDW's Little Mermaid Under the Sea segment/ Disneyland Paris' Animagic blacklight show style. Minnie rises in the air while holding on to one broom.

    One of the human hosts picks a volunteer from the audience to teach her a trick with paper. Of course he makes sure the kid screws up. She got a free hat. He puts the paper garbage in a can, but the can has a hole. So for some reason, he pulls red roses out of it. Minnie is flattered.

    They take a single rose and place it on a chair. The chair has a curtain the separates its view from the audience. Mickey is introducing what's coming out of the chair while Goofy & Donald assist. Minnie stands around. Of course, the red rose represents Belle. A human host tries to say the magic words to get the trick right, but he screws up and brings out Gaston. Snow White is next along with the Old Hag. The Old Hag had trouble keeping her hood on her head. At one point, the hood was off completely. It looked really weird, not to mention looked more like my grandma. Snow White did a cute improv. She tugged the hood over the Old Hag and tapped her head like "there you go, lil fella". . Cinderella in the old maid costume comes out.

    Fairy Godmother comes in to dress up Cinderella. With her wand and help from the audience to remember her magic words, sparks fly and Jaque & Gus become 5 feet tall. They sing and dance to the songs in the movie. They get a kid's shoes from the audience and place it in a box to be transformed glass slippers in a cloud of smoke. Eventually they return the shoes to the kid, but I never knew when. Cinderella wears the shoes as Goofy and human host bring out the pumpkin carriage. Cindrella steps in the pumpin to get dressed in her gown. The prince comes out of the chair & curtain set. They dance, the gang comes out and Goofy claims he'll make the audience stand up... because it's time for intermission . Duration: 45 minutes.

    15 minute INTERMISSION

    Human host 1 welcomes everyone back. He said he sent the other host to get pizza. He brought it back and he performs a pizza trick. Oh, the other human host gets a sort of subplot trying to do the 3 metal ring tricks.

    Mickey and gang welcome everyone back. Donald gets to do his trick. Mickey announces Donald will be shot out of a cannon over the audience. Donald backs out. They need a volunteer, so a human hosts takes his chance. He gets in a box that flattens him so he can fit in the cannon. He gets shot out (fireworks ) to a target on stage instead of the audience and that human host explodes out of the target with smouldering clothes.

    Mickey and Minnie are set in Agrabah. They rub a magic lamp to release... Genie Goofy! Jasmine lies on a table/couch and is lifted in the air by human host infront of a starfield night. As human host also raises in the air, Mickey and Minnie slow dance... very cute .

    The saw a person in half and put them together trick is done. But with TWO people, and they switched bodies... I don't think I've seen that before.

    2 kids come on stage to inspect a box. They stand aside to watch as human host gets in a bag locked in a box and female assissant stands on box with curtain. They switch places and the girl wears a different outfit.

    The human host trying to do the ring trick gets his chance to shine.

    Human host volunteers for the next trick which was supposed to star Donald, but no one can find him. The backdrop is like a cartoon backstage. Goofy gets tangled in the ropes again. Goofy is the assissant for this act, but he keeps tripping. So the volunteer gets in the cage, its covered, once uncovered, we find Donald in the cage... without his hat. Donald complains that was supposed to be his trick. Human assist is relieved to be the volunteer. And the assist is relieved to be in the audience.

    Grand finale with fireworks and curtain call with all characters, actors, singers, performers... Duration: 30 minutes

    It was a neat little show. At the end when people exit, they hand out flyers for the Disney On Ice show of Going to the Magic Kingdom in the SoCal area. I've been hoping for my Toontown expansion idea that has a stage show for House of Mouse to have either "Slyvester the Jester" cartoon magic act and/or if that doesn't happen or if he's doing other shows elsewhere, a magic act could be performed that is inspired by cartoons. Some acts in this show would be good here. So if that idea was in a 20 minute magic show for Toontown, it'd be awesome.

    BOTTOM LINE: It was a pretty neat show. The moving heads were cool. Felt a little slow-paced, but it's fine the way the show is set up. I felt like they could have done more. But I have that magic show idea for Toontown. Beware of crying little kids.

    "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!" -Back to the Future

    "With this place, I wanted to give them something real, something that wasn't an illusion, something they could see and touch. An aim devoid of merit."
    -Jurassic Park

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    Re: Mickey's Magic Show LIVE! review

    Thanks for the review. I saw an ad in the paper here last week for this show and now there are a few TV commercial. It looks like it could be worth checking out.


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