Wall-to-Wall Walt

October 2, 2006

Moving away from traditional character-based licensing, Walt Disney Consumer Products will debut furniture and other products under the name Walt Disney Signature with a high-end line inspired by its master storyteller's character.

A 12-piece furniture collection debuts this month at licensee Drexel Heritage's 55 galleries along with specialty and department stores. Styled after Walt's own Art-Deco-era office furniture pieces, it's characterized as "sophisticated elegance with moments of Disney whimsy."

Said Jeannine D'Addario, director of marketing for Disney Home: "We looked at Tommy Bahama, Humphrey Bogart and Martha Stewart and saw a trend where endorser and brand, and a little celebrity cachet, adds a story to the business. We thought, why not champion a brand after a great storyteller?" About 50 bedroom and dining room pieces will be available in spring 2007. Next, the style, palettes and artwork of Disney artists such as Mary Blair (Alice in Wonderland) may be incorporated in the form of accessories, wall art and other accents. Drexel Heritage will advertise on design-based TV shows and in women's/shelter magazines.