On visit to Orlando, executives discuss planned Asia expansion

Walt Disney Co. executives are looking overseas for theme-park expansion, and mainland China is the next likely location.

Another company hot spot is India, the site of a recent visit by top Disney officials.

On Wednesday, as the company prepared for its 50th-anniversary marketing campaign, Disney executives strolled through Walt Disney World and dropped hints about the future overseas.

The strategic shift to the Far East is beginning with Hong Kong Disneyland, scheduled to open in September.

Jay Rasulo, president of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, said a park on mainland China is now a good bet, as the country is growing economically and in population.

"I imagine some day there could be a second Disney destination in China," Rasulo said during an interview. He called the Hong Kong park -- the company's 11th -- "a beachhead for the Walt Disney Co. in China," and "our first theme park in China."