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    Ok so I had seen Lion King I don't remember when maybe last December or something. Anyways today I went to see Tarzan. Wow I really was dissapointed with it. I mean it wasn't terrible but really, it wasn't very good. I don't know if anyone has seen it but they use the same set the whole time! I don't know how much more monkey swinging I could handle. The set didn't even look too good to begin with. Was just like green string things on the whole stage. Anyways it just wasn't very exciting. I mean I was laughing at some of the dumb things that wern't supposed to be. They would have been better off using the same show or based on the same show that was in WDW, now that was way better. Lion King was at least 3x better I think, looks like a lot more effort in to it and worth the money much more.
    Also heard Nancy Witt (Don't know exactly how your name goes) saw Beauty and the Beast today. Was that any good? My sister and brother and law saw that and they liked that the best, maybe I will see it sometime.
    Don't even want to get into the rest of the story as to why I had to stand outside and do nothing for 2 hours since all the stores were closed, but yes that is my exciting night. See Tarzan at your own risk :/, expecially if you take the Metro North trains from around here lol, omg talk about scummy, I literally wear my hood to lean my head against the seats. So yea fun times. .

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    Re: Disney Broadway

    Yikes!!! I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad experience.

    Personally I loved the show! Granted I'm no Broadway expert (and no Lion King fan either! :lol but I enjoyed the show when I saw it with yoyo in July. I realize the set doesn't change, but does it really need to? They're in the jungle.

    While DAK's old Tarzan Rocks! show was quite entertaining I would've been very disappointed if that show was made into a longer Broadway show as it's set for the parks, especially with the monkeys on roller skates and rock concert style.

    Anyway... to each his or her own I guess?

    But yes, I'm awaiting Nancywitt's review (and maybe her husbands?) of Beauty and the Beast with Donny Osmand as Gaston! :cgrin:

    Side note: Maybe move this to Non-Park Disney Offerings?


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      Re: Disney Broadway

      I would just have excpeted mroe from Broadway I guess you could say after seeing the fist show. The whole rest of the experience didn't make it better either. I don't know just thought the WDW one was more entertaining probably becuase I liked the music better.


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        Re: Disney Broadway

        i have not seen it yet but I have heard the soundtrack and find it very fun and entertaining....i've watched behind the set things on (yeah im a musical dork) and so I know what the set looks like and have many ideas about how the show is...I'm sorry you did not enjoy it. In my opinion, it would not be the first disney show I would choose to put on the stage, but it does have a nice soundtrack and I'm sure the show is physically challenging for the actors. Lion King was VERY innovative...many disney on stage haters shut up about Lion King because Disney did not just throw the movie on was very creative and special. I'm guessing that's partly why you did not like did not feel it was different enough from the movie. I can understand that...many people do not like the whole trend with movies become stage shows...but I always find it exciting. Its almost like movies being made into rides at disneyland...a new way for you to experience it!
        I have seen Beauty and the Beast and it is great! When the movie came out many said it was the best Broadway show and it wasnt even on broadway! It was very theatrical and ofcourse was written by great Broadway/musical musicians. Disney has always had a connection to broadway with their choices of musicians and voices (jodi benson, lea salonga, susan eagan, judy kuhn...). It was very natural for teh show to go to stage and is very beautiful and lavish and lets you experience the characters more (especially the beast who sings!). It has many new songs and has human again. One complaint I've heard...from a movies to stage that it was not different enough from the movie...why is lumiere the same size as Belle? Well frankly I think it kept close to the movie but with its new song and longer script the characters are new and deeper and the sets and costumes are amazing...personally I dont think having lumiere played by a puppet makes the show any better...i think the opposite is true...


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