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Goonies 20th Anniversary Celebration


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  • Goonies 20th Anniversary Celebration

    It seems like there's a few anniversaries this year. There's of course Disneyland's 50th, and it's also the 20th anniversary of Richard Donner's and Steven Spielberg's film The Goonies. A bunch of Goonies fans are planning to have a celebration in Astoria, Oregon this summer. The fans are even hoping that some of the actors will show up. For more info and if you are interested, check out the message boards on:

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    I love it!! I just watched the "Goonies Vacation". Ooohh... I loved Sean Astin even then. I think I was just attracted to the fact that he had asthma like me!!
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      Wow, the Goonies! I loved that freaking movie. I can't believe I don't have it on DVD. I'm running out to get it tonight just to re-live "HEY YOU GUYS!!!" I had such a crush on Corey Felman at the time. Can't believe it's been that long!!


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        HAHA awesome, I just watched The Goonies on Tuesday... I showed it to my boyfriend because he had never seen it before... I always loved that movie!

        It always used to freak me out when he would pull the patch off of One Eyed Willy and there was just bone there... ick! hehe..


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          This is a true classic film. It is the official film of my cousins, my brother and I, affectionately called The Six Pack. We watched it one summer and could not stop quoting it while on a road trip with our grandma.

          Brian & Ali love to watch it too. It is as close to action adventure as they can get.
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            Ron and Pat of are putting together a Goonies documentary that they will be releasing on DVD for the 20th anniversary. They even managed to meet with director Richard Donner and have an interview with him!

            The Astoria Chamber of Commerce is also helping out with the 20th celebration so it should be good!

            They just don't make movies like The Goonies anymore. I mean there's Harry Potter and the Spy Kids series, but they don't come anywhere near to being as good as The Goonies. The movies these days all rely on CGI and have that fake feel to them. The Goonies was and is still a great movie. There's word out that The Goonies 2 project isn't dead yet and Both Donner and Spielberg are still interested in doing it with the original cast.


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              Too bad that John Matuszak (Sloth) died of a heart attack in 1989. Though with all the prosthetics he had on, I guess it wouldn't be too hard to find a replacement.
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                As a former Astorian, those sites are cracking me UP!!!!

                I never think of myself as lucky when I go visit my mom!!!

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                These pics made me long to take a drive, though! The last time I went by the Goonie house was in the fall, and the house now overlooks the most gigantic Starbucks billboard. They used to have an incredible view (I knew the people who lived there...they had kids my age, so I've been in the house).

                I want to know when the party is. We'll be there. It's one of our favorite movies of all time. :love:


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                  Originally posted by stinkerbell

                  I want to know when the party is. We'll be there. It's one of our favorite movies of all time. :love:
                  It's June 3-5! I'm going!!!! :love:


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                    MAN, I wish I could be there but I think I will be at WDW during that time!!!
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