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Megan Hilty Interview/ WICKED LA UPDATE


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  • Megan Hilty Interview/ WICKED LA UPDATE

    I found an interview of Megan Hilty in seattle in her dressing room

    it's in 3 parts, 1 - 2- 3a - 3b.

    Now at one point they discuss what shes doing after the tour, and she states she is in negotiations right now for the WICKED LA Cast! I think that is amazing news! She would be brilliant doing wicked again, and it'd be great to have her as the original glinda in LA... Maybe even Idina could do it since her london wicked ends in december

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    Re: Megan Hilty Interview/ WICKED LA UPDATE

    Awww! Thanks for the link, that was awesome! I absolutely loved her when I saw her here in Seattle. An amazing performer, and incredibly sweet at the stage door. I'm so glad she's in negotiations for LA - I've got some friends there who'd love to see her!
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