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Magic eye - The Arizona Republic, 10/14/06 (Former Disneyland Photgrapher featured)


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  • Magic eye - The Arizona Republic, 10/14/06 (Former Disneyland Photgrapher featured)

    For four decades, Renie Bardeau's job was simple: Capture the magic.

    If he had been a farmer or chef or bus driver, Bardeau's task would be difficult, because magic in the real world is rare and fleeting.

    But Bardeau did not work in the real world. He spent his time at a place where castles were real and fantasy had its own land, a cloistered kingdom built by a dreamer. Here the magic happened every day, and Bardeau captured it all with a camera.

    For 39 years, six months and two weeks (Bardeau likes to say 40 years, there is magic in that), Disneyland and all that happened in it were Bardeau's to witness through a camera lens.

    He lives in Glendale now, having retired as the park's chief photographer in 1998, when he was 64. But his memories are as sharp and crisp as the photos that line the walls of his study, and the photos that fill album after album at the bottom of a specially built display case, and the photos emblazoned on souvenir mugs and brochures.

    Bardeau takes out one of those albums now. Taped to its cover is a white strip of paper reading "Celebrities." The album is thick and heavy.

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