This play sounds kind of cute. I got an email from that tickets are half price. For those interested...

Anaheim Home Companion
By: Tira Palmquist and members of The Chance Theater Repertory Company
The Chance Theater
11/16/2006 thru 12/17/2006
Imagine Anaheim before the Mouse... ... a small ranching town where the police chief himself patrols downtown at night, the high school football team is front-page news and everyone pitches in to save the oranges on a frosty night. Join the cast and crew of radio station KANA for an evening's broadcast in Anaheim circa 1953. This light-hearted, high-energy variety show captures a community inspired by unforgettable real-life characters as can only be found in a small town. It's our salute to Anaheim's history and the people who made it possible.
The Chance Theater
5552 E. La Palma Ave, Anaheim Map
Full Price: $0.00 to $25.00
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