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College Midnight Screening of TNBC in 3D at El Cap


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  • College Midnight Screening of TNBC in 3D at El Cap

    I went to a free midnight screening on Friday 12:15am. There was a bunch of other colleges besides CSUN. There was USC, UCLA, etc. There were 3 ppl on stilts entertaining the waiting guests. 1 juggler guy with the rooster haircut style (sorry, forgot what it's called). 1 ghostly girl flattering a short of cape between her sides and arms. 1 person in a veil and red eyes or something lighting up in the back. All three were in black and white punk rocker style outfits. It was free transportation, admission, and kids combo (popcorn, pepsi soda, m&m candy). Of course we got the 3D glasses, they were plainly black, no special design, but it said "Disney Digital 3D" on the bag and "Real D" on the side of the frames. In line, we did the wave .

    Got a special badge around our neck that said what event, place, and time our screening was. Stage left decor had Jack Skellington scarecrow prop. And Stage right decor was the fountain seen in Halloweentown. An announcer was giving out free candy, bags, socks, etc. Raffle for theater seats had Disneyland tickets, etc. Costume contest participants got a free TNBC video game. And the winner (home-made looking Oogie Boogie) won a $1500 eletric guitar.

    Everything on screen was in 3D. A jack pumpkin in the box #D clip was shown. A bunch of Real D, Disney Digital 3D, etc studio logos came up, they were all popping at your face 3D effects. Movie trailer to "Meet the Robinsons". "Knick Knack" in 3D got lots of laughs. The credits pop up in different depths, which looked really cool. The film has been rebranded for "Walt Disney Pictures" and has the new CGI studio logo, instead of being "Touchstone Pictures". Overall movie was awesome. The first couple seconds looked like double image, probably my eyes needed to adjust because the rest of the night it was perfect. The narration sounded too high-pitched, but it might have been just me. Couple places in the movie, it didn't look like a good 3D transfer, but it was still good. When I tilt my head, there's no double images that gives me headaches, this is great. (I think) Digital projection is crystal clear. A friend or too thought there'd be more to the 3D aspects. Like how in theme park attractions, they always have cheap pop-ups and moments where you want to grab something. But it's no one's fault. Hollywood movies shouldn't have to do that, theme parks are okay, and besides TNBC wasn't filmed for 3D. But the depth perception is still great. Not sure about audio/surround sound since I was all the way up in the balcony and center right. Only a couple times did it sound like surround sound. THe end credits has been changed. Credits crawl on the right side while art sketeches of characters float around in 3D on the left side.

    There was a Jack Skellington life-size statue in the lobby for photo ops. Downstairs displayed the original puppets from the film (no flash photos) of Oogie Boogie, Sally, Lock, Shock, Barrel, Mayor, Jack, Jack armature, Mrs. Claus, Dr. Finklestein, skeleton reindeer, elfs, and art sketeches. This was on the left side of the room, on the right side was the cemetery hill set (which I thought was destroyed or taken from Disney-MGM...??) and also several consoles set up for free TNBC video game demo like in Best Buy or Circuit City.

    If you just want to see the movie and not worried or can't make it to the displays, don't worry about it. I think most people would have perferred to see the movie in a regular theater. Mainly because of El Cap's balcony sitting. You sit further away and higher than the screen, making it look smaller. So watching it in a regular theater and having a bigger screen will probably look better.

    The movie started late, instead of 12:15am, more like 12:40 and ended at 2am. The store was open, I was interested in the Jack tuxedo suit t-shirt, but it was $30. Maybe some other time or another shirt. Being at the screen with friends made it an even better experience .
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