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The wrong way to see Nightmare 3-D


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  • The wrong way to see Nightmare 3-D

    Sometimes it sucks to be first.

    Because of upcoming work and a trip back east, today was the only opportunity I had to see Nightmare for two weeks. So, I caught the first matinee at SF Metreon. Big mistake.

    Did you know that Disney Digital 3-D is in a different screen format than Real-D films produced by Sony, such as "Monster House"? Which means that different lenses must be used in the projector depending upon the film? I had no idea.

    Apparently, neither did the projectionist.


    Imagine watching the entire film cropped to the boundary lines of the pink box below:

    Heads near the top of the screen were often chopped off at the neckline, wide shots displayed characters vertically cut in half, etc. Very frustrating and distracting. ARGH!

    Fortunately, the theatre manager was just as upset as we were, when a group of us went to complain and ask for another viewing on their nickel. He explained the situation about the different formats and lenses, and why he couldn't stop the film after being notified of the mistake 20 minutes into it. (The projector's lamp heats up the lens to the point it cannot be removed without a complete cool down.) He refunded everyone's ticket, and gave each of us a free pass to use for any viewing of any film at the theatre, not just NBC. The pass is good for one year.

    So... if I didn't have to come home and get ready for my next work cycle, I would have stayed for the next showing, with the correct projector lens. Now I have to wait until November. Sigh.

    But the film is awesome in 3-D!


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    Re: The wrong way to see Nightmare 3-D

    Originally posted by BlueSkyDriveBy View Post
    But the film is awesome in 3-D!
    if it's awsome in 3/4 viewing... it must be great in normal viewing...
    must see moving tomorrow..


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