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The Departed- GO SEE IT!


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  • The Departed- GO SEE IT!

    Has any of you seen the movie "The Departed?" It was really intense, and the performances were terrific, especially Jack Nicholson, who is good in almost anything.

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    Re: The Departed- GO SEE IT!

    The movie is great and the acting incredible, but...after watching so many heads get bullets through them I have vowed never to watch mob movies again. Call me a wimp, but I could not take all the blood. When one of the characters gets killed (which I will not name in case you have not seen it) I literally yelled out loud, NO! Soon after that, the movie ended. I was crying by then and my husband turns to me and says that maybe we should no longer see movies like that. I turned to him and burst out (while still crying) "I did not enjoy myself!"

    I think I am at that age when I want to see a movie and enjoy myself, not get so emotionally drained. I know there are tons of arguments out there about seeing movies like this and then trying to change the world for the better or the argument that you can't just see comedies and it is good to experience other types of movies and maybe cry. Well, I'll watch Million Dollar Baby and cry at that but I will no longer see bloody movies where everyone gets killed. Call me sheltered!


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