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Film Review: Mindhunters- Reuters- 5/8/05


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  • Film Review: Mindhunters- Reuters- 5/8/05

    Full text available here:

    LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Plucked from those famous Miramax/Dimension deep shelves at the eleventh hour, "Mindhunters" arrives in North American theaters a couple of years after its initial planned release date.

    Having already played in a number of overseas territories, the British/Dutch/Finnish-American co-production can't help but carry a certain DVD-ready stigma, and that's probably where it will be doing its greatest business in this neck of the woods.

    While the premise is intriguing -- a group of young FBI profilers is being systematically and gruesomely eliminated during what is supposed to be an elaborate training exercise -- director Renny Harlin's take on Agatha Christie's versatile "Ten Little Indians" is total B-movie swagger in all its unsubtle glory.

    Taken for what it is, along with the clunky dialogue, cardboard-cutout characterizations and eardrum-pounding orchestral blasts, the picture is not without its occasional cheap thrills, which should prove to be more cost-effective in the form of a video store rental.
    What do you think? I had not heard that this movie was soo, um, old. Why release it now?
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    Originally posted by dramaqueen
    What do you think? I had not heard that this movie was soo, um, old. Why release it now?
    Miramax is currently without a studio head... I read some where that the current plan is to release items that they have on the shelf to keep the studio afloat untill they can find some one...

    But it explains the slate of films... Brothers Grimm has been shelved for a number of years... Twin Sister is an old film that was shelved as well and now released in a limited engagement because of fears of it's appeal...

    So you are going to see a plithera of films like this in the short term... But you can't really trust the name Miramax with out Harvey anymore...

    There are a couple of new projects however that Bob and Harvey where working on before they left the studio... But I am not holding my breath...
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