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  • High School Musical Question

    I almost hate asking, but when I came home from work yesterday, my 9 year old daughter told me that the High School Musical show was going to be performed live in certain cities. Well, it's coming to Salt Lake City, Utah. She's very excited to see it.

    I was able to find that it will be coming Dec 13 to Utah but couldn't find anything else out. Does anybody have any information of where it will be preformed and where tickets can be purchased? Of course, I'm lookingfor Utah information, but others might want information about other cities.

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    Re: High School Musical Question

    I believe tickets go on sale November 4th... We don't get it here until January 26th! Boo!!


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      Re: High School Musical Question

      Okay, I've searched all over for it - because I know my son would love to go see it.

      All I can find is that it's coming on December 13th. I checked on Smithstix - arttix, the delta center site, the e center - I can't find it. If you hear anymore, please let me know!
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        Re: High School Musical Question

        Ashley Tisdale just crossed the street walking by my daughter's apartment in Hollywood.
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          Re: High School Musical Question

          They've been saying the same thing here. It's supposed to come here in January, but no idea when tickets will go on sale.
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            Re: High School Musical Question

            It's supposed to be in Fresno, I read that somewhere.


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              Re: High School Musical Question

              Tickets for "High School Musical" concerts go on sale Nov. 4, with one Canadian stop, in Toronto, planned. The schedule for the tour that concludes Jan. 28 in Las Vegas:
              • San Diego, Nov. 30
              • Glendale, Ariz., Dec. 3
              • Sacramento, Calif., Dec. 5
              • San Jose, Calif., Dec. 6
              • Stockton, Calif., Dec. 7
              • Bakersfield, Calif., Dec. 8
              • Portland, Ore., Dec. 10
              • Seattle, Dec. 11
              • Salt Lake City, Dec. 13
              • Bossier City. La., Dec. 16
              • Dallas, Dec. 17
              • Houston, Dec. 18
              • Tampa, Fla., Dec. 20
              • Jacksonville, Fla., Dec. 21
              • Columbia, S.C., Dec. 22
              • Charlotte, N.C., Dec. 23
              • Greensboro, N.C., Dec. 27
              • Washington, D.C., Dec. 28
              • Long Island, N.Y., Dec. 29
              • Manchester, N.H., Dec. 30
              • Toronto, Jan. 2
              • Rochester, N.Y., Jan. 3
              • Hartford, Conn., Jan. 4
              • Pittsburgh, Jan. 6
              • Albany, N.Y., Jan. 7
              • East Rutherford, N.J., Jan. 8
              • Worcester, Mass., Jan. 10
              • Philadelphia, Jan. 11
              • Cincinnati, Jan. 13
              • Cleveland, Jan. 14
              • Auburn Hills, Mich., Jan. 16
              • Indianapolis, Jan. 17
              • Columbus, Ohio, Jan. 18
              • Chicago, Jan. 19
              • Milwaukee, Jan. 21
              • St. Louis, Jan. 22
              • Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 23
              • Anaheim, Calif., Jan. 26
              • Fresno, Calif., Jan. 27
              • Las Vegas, Jan. 28

     is the official Web site, I think, however, I can't get it to work.

              Oh, if you just go to and search for High School Musical, theres info for LA, TX and FL

              has some info.

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