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Pandora - Cool music site!

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  • Pandora - Cool music site!

    I know there are many music fans out there like I am. You're absolutely going to love this. Check out Pandora! What you do is put in the name or an artist or group and Pandora will pump out music just like it from a huge library of music. Along the way you get to tell Pandora if you liked or disliked each selection and Pandora adapts the formula for the music it sends your way. Registration is not required for first timers but afterwards you must do so (but it is free) from that point you can create 100 different "stations"

    I love it and i think you will do too!

    Anyone else out there have heard of this site?
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    Re: Pandora - Cool music site!

    I came across it a couple of weeks ago, it's awesome! It's a great way to discover artists that you had no idea about!


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      Re: Pandora - Cool music site!

      My husband just came and told me about this - I was going to post something, but thought I'd better search it first - leave it to you Bopper to find it before me! It's pretty cool.
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        Re: Pandora - Cool music site!

        Pandora's on my rotation of music sites to listen to at work. I love it because they always choose GOOD music for me and it's easy to say no to the bad stuff!
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          Re: Pandora - Cool music site!

          I like it too. Funny thing is they keep adding bands I have heard of and like already but it's all good.