Article from The New York Times available at (Free registration required) - 5/9/05
Disneyland's First Workers Mark Its 50 Years and Offer Some Advice

The actors Steve Martin and Tim Allen spoke at different ceremonies, but the true stars of the day were the employees who had worked at Disneyland when it opened in 1955 and who knew the park's creator. Many of them had words of advice for Mr. Iger about how to keep Disneyland vital.

"He should try and look back at the way Walt thought about Disneyland," said Jack Lindquist, a 38-year Disney employee who joined the company in August 1955 as its first advertising director and is something of a celebrity in his own right among Disney lovers. "Keep it clean and make sure the attractions are good."

Ronald K. Dominguez, who started as a ticket taker on opening day and became a top-level executive at the park before retiring in 1994, gave this advice: "Maintain the quality." He also had a thing or two to say about whom Mr. Iger should appoint as Disney's No. 2 executive. Mr. Dominguez suggested Richard Cook, chairman of the Walt Disney Studios.