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Paying Pixar - The Motley Fool 05/10/05


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  • Paying Pixar - The Motley Fool 05/10/05

    Article from The Motley Fool - May 10, 2005
    Paying Pixar

    Last week, Disneyland kicked off its golden-anniversary celebration by waxing nostalgic as well as announcing some new attractions that will be coming to Disney's (NYSE: DIS) West Coast theme parks. Over at Disney's California Adventure, the young park's horrendous Superstar Limo ride will be replaced with a family ride themed to the animated hit Monsters, Inc., while Finding Nemo characters will soon leave their watery mark on both Anaheim parks. Tweaking its old submarine voyage in Disneyland into a Nemo underwater adventure; porting the jaw-dropping "Turtle Talk With Crush" show into the California Adventure animation studio... do you see the common thread in these new additions?
    Because Pixar stands to collect half of the proceeds generated from licensed products -- and considerably less, but still a cut if Disney produces any sequels to Pixar's movies without Pixar -- these theme-park rides are huge. As anyone who has stepped into a Disney park over the past few years knows, rides and attractions empty out into gift shops these days -- or, at the bare minimum, into an active kiosk just by the ride exit.

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