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Tarantino- Might make TV his new home!


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  • Tarantino- Might make TV his new home!

    This is huge for me:

    CSI Files reports that Quentin Tarantino agreed to direct the upcoming "CSI" season finale in part so he could test the waters for doing is own TV show.

    In an upcoming TV Guide, Tarantino said"I'm interested in doing a show of my own. This was testing the water. There are some ideas that I've had for movies that are too long. Most people aren't down with four hour movies. But TV has caught up with my aspirations. You could truly do these stories as a TV show."

    Tarantino's episode of "CSI" will involve one of the team being kidnapped and buried alive. This is a familiar theme with the man - it was a key scene in his most recent flick "Kill Bill Volume II" and was a trick seen in a recent episode of ABC's "Alias" on which Tarantino has guest starred several times.
    For the last few years I realized my heart was defintly not into feature films for the time being...I would too easily be agrivated by the process and costs involved and the lack of support for big budget films the likes of which my brains teases all day long.

    But now, now I have support for my real love: television. A broad story-telling method capable of fast, sweeping stories and if great directors like Tarantino are seeing this capacity for smart television I feel there is hope for my love, my passion and my dreams.

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    I am not really surprised about Tarantino wanting to do more TV...

    Remember his sequence in Four Rooms where he remakes a classic Hitchock TV sequence...

    Great film... Reminded me a little of Sin City... (Strike that, reverse it... Sin City reminded me of Four Rooms)
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      I'm really looking forward to that particular season finale.....I've never really cared before about a CSI finale, but daaaang.....Tarantino? I've been freaking out about it for weeks now. We'll probably tape it and re-watch it more than once, I'm sure.

      I'd love to see him more involved in TV. There's not a whole lot I watch anymore.


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        Tarantino - To think that I went to high school with him and used to rent videos from him when he worked at the video store. I guess that I should have gotten to know him even better
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          PLEASE!!!!!!!!! let it be on HBO.
          I find it hard
          It's hard to find
          Oh well, whatever, nevermind


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