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Classic Disneyland/Vista LP's now on iTunes!


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  • Classic Disneyland/Vista LP's now on iTunes!

    So far I have located the following classic Disneyland/Vista LP's on iTunes (there may be more, but no overall category exists to search)!:

    Annette's Beach Party
    Let's Get Together With Hayley Mills
    Highlights from the Mickey Mouse Club
    Songs From the Mickey Mouse Club Serials
    Camarata: Alice in Wonderland
    Mary Martin: Hi-Ho
    Professor Ludwig VonDrake
    Mickey Mouse Disco
    Louis Armstrong: Disney Songs the Satchmo Way
    Camarata: Tutti's Trumpets
    Ukelele Ike Sings Again
    A Child's Garden of Verses
    Mike Curb Congregation: Disney's Greatest Hits
    Burl Ives Sings Chim Chim Cher-ee and Other Children's Choices
    Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland

    Walt Disney Records Archive Collection Volume 1 (various Disneyland/Vista sampler - some rare tracks) (Vol 2 is just new Channel stuff)

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    Re: Classic Disneyland/Vista LP's now on iTunes!

    I also found several albums from the Firehouse Five Plus Two at the iTunes Store!


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