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Cinderella: Platinum Edition DVD (press release)


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  • Cinderella: Platinum Edition DVD (press release)

    For The First Time EVER on DVD -- October 4, 2005!


    DVD Debut Accompanied By A Magical Slate of Company-wide Activities

    Dream Come True Including
    All-New Bonus Features and Enhanced Picture and SoundCINDERELLACINDERELLAESPN
    CINDERELLA activity will span beyond home
    entertainment to bring the magic of Cinderella to life. This includes an unparalleled Disney Consumer
    Products (DCP) partnership which will see the release of dozens of new products in all major retail
    categories, including toys, apparel, electronics, fast moving consumer goods, stationery, home furnishings
    and much more (from third quarter 2005, into the holidays and well into 2006).

    Nearly 10 years in the Disney vault, and not released theatrically since 1987, the twelfth feature film to
    come from The Walt Disney Company, CINDERELLAAlice in Wonderland and
    Disc Contents/Bonus Materials

    Disc One

    Bonus Materials
    sportsCinderella CD

    Disc Two


    Cinderellaall nine old men worked on (others with the collaboration: Alice in
    Wonderland and Peter Pan
    A fascinating all-new featurette giving insight into the creation of Cinderella
    In doing research for the Cinderella DVD, a rare treasure was unearthed in the Disney Archives -- an
    envelope that had not been opened since 1949 in which there were photographs of a full set of
    storyboards for a version of Cinderella that is different from the final film as we know it. In the
    course of developing one of the world's most well-known fairy tales into an animated film, Walt and
    his creative team explored many ideas that ultimately did not work. Join Don Hahn, the Producer of
    Disney's Beauty And The Beast, on the journey to discover the Cinderella that almost was.

    The Art of Mary Blair:Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Three Caballeros, Saludos
    Amigos, So Dear To My Heart and many more.

    To assist in the animation of Cinderella, Walt Disney had most of the scenes involving human
    characters filmed using real actors, in costume. The storyboards for Cinderella1922 Cinderella Laugh-O-grams: Cinderella

    Cinderella Art Galleries (with Slide Show Option)
    Exciting visual archives galleries include: Visual Development; Mary Blair Art; Character
    Design of Cinderella, Fairy Godmother, Stepmother, Stepsisters, Jaq and Gus, Lucifer, The Prince
    and Miscellaneous; Costume Design; Storyboard Art; Layout and Backgrounds; Live Action
    Reference; Production Photos and Publicity/Merchandise

    Theatrical Trailers
    A fascinating look into how the film was presented to audiences through the years including: 1950
    Original Release Trailer and Reissue Trailers from 1965, 1973, 1981 and two from 1987


    All-New Princess Gown Designer:Palace Designer: No princess should live without her castlehis feature allows viewers to design their
    own royal palace by choosing from a variety of historical designs including towers, flags, colors, and

    Dream Room Makeover:Princess Pajama JamWhere Dreams BeginMUSIC AND MOREFilm Synopsis:STREET DATE: October 4, 2005
    Suggested retail price: $29.99 (2-disc DVD) $29.99 (VHS)
    Feature running time: Approximately 76 minutes
    Rated:DVD aspect ratio:Sound: All-New 5.1 Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix
    Restored Original Theatrical Soundtrack
    Languages: French and Spanish Language tracks

    Walt Disney Home Entertainment is distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Inc., a recognized
    industry leader. Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Inc. is the marketing, sales and distribution company
    for Walt Disney, Touchstone, Hollywood Pictures, Miramax, Dimension and Buena Vista
    videocassettes and DVDs.

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    Oh yea!

    I'm so happy that I could squeak like a singing mouse.

    I knew requesting it three times a week would eventually pay off.
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      THANK YOU for posting!!! I am so glad to hear of this release!!!


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        WOW! Cinderella and Gay Days all in the same week oh my! :bow: I can't wait


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          This going to be a great release, tHANKS for posting this E.M. This is a ton for one DVD release.
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            Thanks for sharing. I can't wait for October to get my hands on this DVD!


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              Yes, Oct. 4th! Aladdin came out Oct. 5th of last year. See a pattern? First week of October = DISNEY MOVIE.


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                Next spring we'll see the release of the 2 disc platinum edition of Lady And The Tramp.
                Then on October 3, 2006 comes the 2 disc platinum edition of The Little Mermaid.


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                  Re: Cinderella: Platinum Edition DVD (press release)

                  So, has anyone bought Cinderella on DVD yet? Any reviews of it?


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                    Re: Cinderella: Platinum Edition DVD (press release)

                    Originally posted by Gemini Cricket
                    So, has anyone bought Cinderella on DVD yet? Any reviews of it?
                    Here's the review from

                    It's a great set outside of a few obviously odd bonus features. I just watched the movie tonight. The transfer is stunning, and there are some wonderfully interesting documentaries on the second disc.


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