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Fight over Bolton raises issues of appropriate managerial conduct-Chicago Tribune


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  • Fight over Bolton raises issues of appropriate managerial conduct-Chicago Tribune


    Full text here:

    WASHINGTON - (KRT) - John Bolton, the embattled nominee for ambassador to the United Nations who faces a crucial committee vote Thursday, isn't the only high-powered boss whose reputation for bullying subordinates and quashing dissent is raising eyebrows. The red-faced, desk-pounding tyrant, while hardly extinct from the corner offices of corporate America, is increasingly shunned when it comes to promotion, particularly for top-tier positions.

    Faced with a changing economy, American business has been shifting away from the autocratic, rigidly hierarchical management style of the industrial era, experts say. Instead, corporations are moving toward a culture of collaborative decision-making that may still require tough-minded managers but now demands that they nurture trust and a free flow of ideas among peers and subordinates.


    Likewise, the disappointing financial performance of Walt Disney Co. is attributed by some to the egotistical management style of former CEO Michael Eisner, which may have alienated subordinates and strategic partners. Before Eisner was ousted under pressure from shareholders, his conflicts with collaborators helped break apart highly profitable alliances with Pixar Animation Studios and Miramax Film Corp.
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