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Cars On DVD (and what stores have what incentive...)


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  • Cars On DVD (and what stores have what incentive...)

    I've been to a few places and I've noticed that several stores are selling Cars at different pricepoints, and different gifts. I'll also give you a quick review of the Cars DVD...

    Blockbuster Video
    Price: $21.99
    Incentive: Cars Tin free with purchase
    Extra: Cars Blockbuster Giftcard

    Explanation: The Cars Tin looks great. It looks like it has a candy paint coat which is similar to the teaser posters that came out way back when. The tin is big enough to hold the DVD, but you could also use it to store other things as well. Here are a few pictures..

    Best Buy
    Price: $14.99
    Incentive: Free 3-D Lenticular Cars Poster
    Extra: Cars Gift Set DVD $29.99 (includes 4 Die-Cast metal cars from the movie)

    This is what the 3-D Lenticular Poster looks like. (Actual size unknown)

    Price: $14.99
    Incentive: None
    Extra: None

    Price: $19.96
    Incentive: Free Bonus DVD Disc
    Extra: Regular Cars WS/FS $14.99

    Explanation: If you buy Cars from Wal-Mart, you'll get a Bonus Disc of Special Features that mostly deals with Rascal Flatts...
    • Making of Life Is A Highway
    • Life Is A Highway Music Video
    • Cars: The Making of the Music
    • Under the Hood TV Episode (as seen on ABC Family)

    Circuit City
    Price: $13.99
    Incentive: Free Download of Susie, The Little Blue Coupe (the short that inspired the Cars movie)
    Extra: None


    Those are all the places I've checked so far, if you know of any other places, feel free to add to the list! Here's what I think of the DVD...

    Review of Cars DVD
    Disappointing. The lack of bonus features really mars this DVD. Each Pixar DVD release has been an improvement on the last, and each had cool interactive menus and unique extras (virtual aquarium on Finding Nemo DVD's, Hero Profiles on the Incredibles DVD, etc.), the Cars DVD has NOTHING of the sort. No commentary, no production notes, no character portraits or stills...

    If all you want is the movie, then go ahead and purchase it, but if you like the extras that Pixar usually releases, I say rent the copy to see the new Mater short, and then wait for a 2-Disc release.

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    Re: Cars On DVD (and what stores have what incentive...)

    Oogie did some research, too!


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      Re: Cars On DVD (and what stores have what incentive...)

      I freakin' suck lol.


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