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Why "you" hate Monday Night Football - 11/16/06


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  • Why "you" hate Monday Night Football - 11/16/06

    Why "you" hate Monday Night Football 11/16/06

    Why "you" hate Monday Night Football

    NEW YORK ( -- It looks like I'm not the only one who isn't ready for some football on Monday nights.

    E-mails poured in following yesterday's rant about how displeased I am with ESPN's "Monday Night Football" telecasts this year.

    At last count, I had well over 100 responses from readers and almost everyone agreed with me that ESPN is doing football fans a disservice with the gratuitous promotions for ESPN's sister network ABC -- both of which are owned by Walt Disney -- and the distracting celebrity interviews in the booth.

    We also included a poll within yesterday's column. And the admittedly unscientific results do support my contention that ESPN needs to focus less on "Dancing with the Stars" highlights and more on football highlights.

    Only 7 percent of the respondents said they actually like ESPN's MNF broadcasts while 79 percent said they did not. The remaining 14 percent said they do not watch MNF.

    Fans aren't happy. And it might even finally be starting to hit ESPN where it matters most: ratings. MNF has had its two lowest audiences during the past two weeks.

    After topping the 10 million viewer mark every week this season, ratings dipped slightly below that level for the November 6 game. And this past Monday's game, featuring the Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, hit a new low, with 9.6 million viewers according to preliminary figures from Nielsen Media Research.

    Granted, these numbers are still great for cable. In addition, this past week's game and the game from the week before, which featured the Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Raiders, involved teams from relatively small markets.
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