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Gumby turns 50 too!


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  • Gumby turns 50 too!

    Along with Disneyland and Kermit the Frog -- Gumby turns 50 this year too! Read the news article here.

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    Everybody, Lets SING!

    "Ha-ppy Birth-day to that little ball of clay... GUMBY!"
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      I used to watch that show! It's like one of my all time favorites. Remember the Blockheads? And Prickle and Goo! Pokey and the little sister and the parenholy crap Revenge of the Sith commercial, I gotta go


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        I picked up a $1.99 DVD of Gumby at Walgreens. Showed it to my 5 year-old son and he LOVED it. We got quite a few laughs at the dialog and cool clay movement.

        The DVD included Art Clokey's original project, "Gumbasia" which was clay moving to jazz music. Really cool movement, textures, and animation with clay. The quality wasn't so great on the DVD, but it made me remember why I liked it so much.

        He slides around on one foot, rides on toy fire engines, and is perpetually polite. Pokey was always my grumpy favorite, along with Gumby's dog, Nopey (who only says, "nope"). Gumby skates in and out of books and has toy adventures.

        I'm ready to get a really nice anniversary collection. Art Clokey's website is angry with Rhino's release, so I'm hoping something that adheres to his vision comes out.


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