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Futurama - Stab at DL - Hidden Details


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  • Futurama - Stab at DL - Hidden Details

    In one of the first episodes of Futurama, there is a stab at DL, with "Luna Park", however, there are a few little details that showed the writered were DL fans of their own:

    -In the scene where Mr. Moonsman is talking to Fry, there's a green door sitting behind him with a 33 logo, a clear homage to Club 33

    -Threw the glass, a clear obvious stab at the Rocket Jets are there.

    There are many others, I have to go over the synced copy I have.
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    What an idiot....

    Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.


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      futurerama was made by the simpsons people... thats why there are hidden stabs at disney in it...


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        That episode was on last night on cartoon network...How weird? They infact poke fun (not stab- that an OJ thing) at Disneyland.
        *They go on a hybred POTC ride about whalers who first found the moon
        *Also they attend a Bear Country Jamboree show hosted by moon golfers
        *Main Street was replaced by Moon Street.

        I think Simpsons/Futurama writers have a lot of affinty for the Disney parks if you harken back to early Simpson when the visited both Duff Land and Itchy and Scratchy World. Clearly ISW was a mock up of the Magic Kingdom and even poked fun at the then poorly attended DisneyParis by cutting to ISW Paris with a single over exagerated Frenchmen at the gates saying "My wife and kids need cheese and wine!" *in thick French accent.

        Yes I believe Simpson writers were inspired by Disneyland and there fun pokes are mearly jests at a knowing audience.


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          Don't forget when Homer was running with his mom from the police and said "I'm going to hide you where there's no one for miles. Disney's California Adventure!"
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            And when they all took a trip to prison to visit sideshow Bob:

            Marge: DO you think this is an appropriate place to bring our children?

            Homer: Hey, it's better than Disney's California Adventure

            Marge, Lisa and Bart: Yeah!
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              The producers of the show are definitely inspired by Disneyland. In fact, the "B-Sharps" Barber Shop Quartet is voiced by the Daper Dans who were discovered by an executive Simpsons producer on Main Street.


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                Homer: "im gonna take you to a place no one will ever go to, Disney's California Adventure"
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