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Dave Cockrum has passed away.


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  • Dave Cockrum has passed away.

    Hi everyone. I'm certain that some of you are wondering who Dave Cockrum is. For all us comicbook geeks its a significant loss. For the non-comicbook geeks Cockrum co-created several popular characters, most notibly the X-Men Colossus, Storm, and Nightcrawler. I was lucky enough to have met him a few years ago and he was a terrific friendly guy. He was a spectacular artist and will be missed. For more info you can read an article here.

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    Re: Dave Cockrum has passed away.

    Can I get a mod to delete one of these threads. It double posted on me. Thanks in advance.


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      Re: Dave Cockrum has passed away.

      thats sucks to lose a legend like that...someone who's actually nice and
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        Re: Dave Cockrum has passed away.

        ...and most importantly, a father of Nightcrawler -- my fave of the X-Men.



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