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Do you like to sing Broadway tunes?


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  • Do you like to sing Broadway tunes?

    Allow me to just share my excitement at finding where you can download Karaoke mp3's - and they have the Pocket Songs catalog which features the most broadway karaoke out there.

    The price is a little steep - $8.00 a song. However, there are alot of albums with only 1 or 2 songs on it I want and sometimes I need a song FAST!!! You can also make your own Karaoke cd's for $5 a song plus shipping, and it is linked from that website.

    They have lots and lots of Karaoke from all genre's! Hopefully this info will be useful to someone.
    I love Disneyland!

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    WOW!!! Yes i LOVE to sing Broadway tunes... funny you should ask... LoL. Actually my throat is KILLING me because I was attempting to sing some Phantom of the Opera in the car earlier (those high notes are killer!)

    BTW... I know there are a couple of Wicked karaoke cds out there... the website is down right now though, unfortunately.


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      I have the Pocket Songs version of Wicked - waited months for it. It is wonderful. Great girl tunes!

      Oh oooh! The voice teacher in me says STOP SINGING if your throat hurts! Don't damage it!!!

      Was it the new phantom recording??? I haven't heard it yet. I'm afraid. I have had the OC memorized since I was 12. It's weird to hear anyone else sing the songs.
      I love Disneyland!


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        I REALLY love to sing broadway tunes. My senior year in high school I did "If I Were A Rich Man" from Tevye in a broadway revue. I also starred as Harold Hill in a revue that we did of the music man. I can now sing all of the songs from Fiddler on The Roof and The Music Man!!!!

        I am totally addicted!!!!!
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          Diva... no it was definitely the original version! It will always be the best! Hehe I was like 13 when I first saw the show in New York and I've had the album memorized since then as well. Although my very first love was The Secret Garden. I still have most of those songs memorized!

          So I take it you haven't seen the new Phantom movie? I've seen it twice so far. Here's the deal about that... it's different. It's just like when you go to actually see the musical (I've seen it 4 times!) there's always going to be at least someone in the cast that you just dont' think is right for the part. Minnie Driver as Carlotta was amazing and really funny. Patrick Wilson has an amazing voice, and sang Raoul's part well, although he almost seemed a little... wimpy... to me.

          Now Gerard Butler as the Phantom was HOT HOT HOT however he's obviously NO Michael Crawford when it comes to the singing (he had actually never done any musical theater before this role!) But he really does put a certain something into it that's endearing.

          And Emmy Rossum really looks the part of Christine... although what they did in this film is made Christine a young chorus girl like in the original book. So in turn she has a younger sounding, not as mature voice as Sarah Brightman. But she does a good job, really considering she was only 17 when she sang the role!

          Oh, and quite a bit of the lyrics are spoken... I'm assuming to cut down on time... and it sounds kind of awkward when they're speaking in rhyme.

          But I'll tell you what... the scene with the Overture playing when the opera house is restored to its glory days... it just takes my breath away.

          Alrighty have I covered everything? Hehe... sorry... I just started and couldn't' stop!


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            I was SO happy when I saw this Wicked CD! I had to share it with you all!


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              I have a habit of doing all my singing in the car and right now I'm really into Phantom. One of my goals in life is to sing the role of the Phantom on Broadway!!!

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