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Miramax' 'The Queen', Mirren crowned by NY Film Critics online - UPI 12/11/06


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  • Miramax' 'The Queen', Mirren crowned by NY Film Critics online - UPI 12/11/06

    NY Online Critics crown 'Queen' best pic

    NEW YORK, Dec. 10 (UPI) -- The New York Film Critics Online Sunday named Stephen Frears' drama, "The Queen," best picture of 2006.

    The film follows England's Queen Elizabeth II in the wake of Princess Diana's untimely death in a 1997 Paris car crash. Frears was named best director and "The Queen" screenwriter won for best screenplay.

    Helen Mirren won for best actress for her performance as the queen and Michael Sheen was named best supporting actor for his portrayal of Prime Minister Tony Blair.

    Forest Whitaker won for best actor for his chilling portrayal of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in "The Last King of Scotland."

    "Dreamgirls" songbird Jennifer Hudson and "For Your Consideration" comedian Catherine O'Hara tied for best supporting actress, and Hudson won the breakthrough performer award.

    The quirky family comedy "Little Miss Sunshine" -- starring Abigail Breslin, Steve Carell, Toni Collette, Greg Kinnear and Alan Arkin -- won the for best ensemble cast. Its directors, Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, won for best director debut.

    The NYFCO's 26 members also honored Philip Glass for his score and Dick Pope for cinematography for "The Illusionist."

    "Happy Feet" won for best animated feature. "An Inconvenient Truth" was named best documentary. "Pan's Labyrinth" won for best foreign language picture.
    "If you don't know how to draw, you don't belong in this building" - John Lasseter 2006

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    Re: Miramax' 'The Queen', Mirren crowned by NY Film Critics online - UPI 12/11/06

    'Departed' named best movie in Boston

    BOSTON, Dec. 11 (UPI) -- After being stiffed by the American Film Institute, Martin Scorcese's "The Departed" was named best movie of 2006 by Boston film critics.

    The Boston Society of Film Critics also selected the the gangster flick for its best director, screenplay and supporting actor awards.

    Best acting awards went to Helen Mirren for "The Queen," and Forest Whitaker for "The Last King of Scotland." Mark Wahlberg was named best supporting actor for "The Departed" while Shareeka Epps edged Meryl Streep in the best supporting actress category for her work in "Half Nelson."

    Daily Variety reported Monday that the closest vote was in the New Filmmaker category in which "Half Nelson" director Ryan Fleck won by a single vote over Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris for "Little Miss Sunshine."
    "If you don't know how to draw, you don't belong in this building" - John Lasseter 2006


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      Re: Miramax' 'The Queen', Mirren crowned by NY Film Critics online - UPI 12/11/06

      NY film critics name "United 93" as best picture

      December 11, 2006 13:19:51

      NEW YORK (Reuters) - "United 93," a tense drama focusing on one of the hijacked planes used in the September 11 attacks, won the best picture prize on Monday in the New York Film Critics Circle Awards.

      The awards, the third major film honors at the start of the Oscar season, can help narrow the field of contenders but is not always a prediction of Academy Award winners.

      Jennifer Hudson won the best supporting actress award for her show-stealing role in "Dreamgirls," the movie adaptation of the famed Broadway musical. Jackie Earle Haley won best supporting actor for playing a man who exposes himself to children in "Little Children."

      The best actor and best actress awards were due to be announced later on Monday.

      Critics picked Peter Morgan's screenplay for "The Queen" as the best of the year for his story of how the death of Princess Diana in 1997 threw the British royal family into crisis.

      Penguin cartoon and box-office hit "Happy Feet" won the best animation film category. The film has earned $137.7 million so far at the U.S. box office.

      Best foreign film went to the French film "Army of Shadows" by legendary French director Jean-Pierre Melville.

      The awards, voted on by a group of New York's newspaper and magazine critics, follows other major film awards in Los Angeles and New York that both awarded best picture to Clint Eastwood's war film "Letters from Iwo Jima."

      Last year the New York Film Critics Circle's best film choice was the gay cowboy love story "Brokeback Mountain," which lost the Oscar to "Crash."

      In 2004 it named "Sideways" as the year's best picture, while the Oscar went to the another Clint Eastwood film, "Million Dollar Baby.",00.html
      "If you don't know how to draw, you don't belong in this building" - John Lasseter 2006


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        Re: Miramax' 'The Queen', Mirren crowned by NY Film Critics online - UPI 12/11/06

        Broadcast Film Critics nominations announced
        'Babel,' 'Departed,' 'Dreamgirls,' 'Sunshine' earn seven nods each

        By Michael Spier
        December 12, 2006

        Robert Altman's final pic, 'A Prairie Home Companion,' was nominated for acting ensemble by the Broadcast Film Critics.

        'The Departed' received seven nominations from the Broadcast Film Critics, including best picture and actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

        "Babel," "The Departed," "Dreamgirls" and "Little Miss Sunshine" tied with seven noms each -- including the top feature award -- as the Broadcast Film Critics announced its nominees for the org's 12th Critics Choice Award.

        The other nominees for 2006's top pic are "Blood Diamond," "Letters From Iwo Jima," "Little Children," "Notes on a Scandal," "The Queen" and "United 93."

        Two "firsts" highlight the categories: Leonardo DiCaprio became the first thesp to score two noms in the actor category -- for "Departed" and "Blood Diamond" -- and "Letters From Iwo Jima" is the first pic to snare nominations in both the picture and foreign-language film categories. Other noteworthy noms include "Apocalypto" for foreign-language film and Robert Altman's last pic, "A Prairie Home Companion," for acting ensemble.

        Joining DiCaprio in the actor category are Ryan Gosling ("Half Nelson"), Peter O'Toole ("Venus"), Will Smith ("The Pursuit of Happyness") and Forest Whitaker ("The Last King of Scotland"). For lead actress, Penelope Cruz ("Volver"), Judi Dench ("Notes on a Scandal"), Helen Mirren ("The Queen"), Meryl Streep ("The Devil Wears Prada") and Kate Winslet ("Little Children") are the contenders.
        And the nominees are...

        Blood Diamond
        The Departed
        Letters from Iwo Jima
        Little Children
        Little Miss Sunshine
        Notes on a Scandal
        The Queen
        United 93

        Leonardo DiCaprio
        - "Blood Diamond"
        Leonardo DiCaprio - "The Departed"
        Ryan Gosling - "Half Nelson"
        Peter O'Toole - "Venus"
        Will Smith - "The Pursuit of Happyness"
        Forest Whitaker - "The Last King of Scotland"

        Penelope Cruz
        - "Volver"
        Judi Dench - "Notes on a Scandal"
        Helen Mirren - "The Queen"
        Meryl Streep - "The Devil Wears Prada"
        Kate Winslet - "Little Children"

        Affleck - "Hollywoodland"
        Alan Arkin - "Little Miss Sunshine"
        Adam Beach - "Flags of Our Fathers"
        Djimon Hounsou - "Blood Diamond"
        Eddie Murphy - "Dreamgirls"
        Jack Nicholson - "The Departed"

        Barraza - "Babel"
        Cate Blanchett - "Notes on a Scandal"
        Jennifer Hudson - "Dreamgirls"
        Rinko Kikuchi - "Babel"
        Catherine O'Hara - "For Your Consideration"
        Emma Thompson - "Stranger Than Fiction"

        The Departed
        Little Miss Sunshine
        A Prairie Home Companion

        Condon - "Dreamgirls"
        Clint Eastwood - "Letters from Iwo Jima"
        Stephen Frears - "The Queen"
        Paul Greengrass - "United 93"
        Martin Scorsese - "The Departed"

        Michael Arndt - "Little Miss Sunshine"
        Guillermo Arriaga - "Babel"
        Todd Field and Tom Perrotta - "Little Children"
        Zach Helm - "Stranger Than Fiction"
        William Monahan - "The Departed"
        Peter Morgan - "The Queen"

        "Flushed Away"
        "Happy Feet"
        "Monster House"
        "Over the Hedge"

        YOUNG ACTOR:
        Bright - "Thank You For Smoking"
        Joseph Cross - "Running With Scissors"
        Paul Dano - "Little Miss Sunshine"
        Freddie Highmore - "A Good Year"
        Jaden Christopher Syre Smith - "The Pursuit of Happyness"

        Baquero - "Pan's Labyrinth"
        Abigail Breslin - "Little Miss Sunshine"
        Shareeka Epps - "Half Nelson"
        Dakota Fanning - "Charlotte's Web"
        Keke Palmer - "Akeelah and the Bee"

        For Your Consideration
        Little Miss Sunshine
        The Devil Wears Prada
        Thank You For Smoking

        Akeelah and the Bee
        Charlotte's Web
        Pirates of the Caribbean 2

        Elizabeth I
        The Librarian
        Nightmares & Dreamscapes
        The Ron Clark Story
        When the Levees Broke

        Days of Glory
        Letters from Iwo Jima
        Pan's Labyrinth

        "I Need to Wake Up"
        - Melissa Etheridge - "An Inconvenient Truth"
        "Listen" - Beyonce - "Dreamgirls"
        "My Little Girl" - Tim McGraw - "Flicka"
        "The Neighbor" - Dixie Chicks - "Shut Up & Sing"
        "Never Gonna Break My Faith" - Aretha Franklin and Mary J. Blige - "Bobby"
        "Ordinary Miracle" - Sarah McLachlan - "Charlotte's Web"

        Happy Feet
        Marie Antoinette

        Philip Glass
        - "The Illusionist"
        Clint Mansell - "The Fountain"
        Thomas Newman - "The Good German"
        Gustavo Santaolalla - "Babel"
        Howard Shore - "The Departed"
        Hans Zimmer - "The Da Vinci Code"

        An Inconvenient Truth
        Shut Up & Sing
        This Film Is Not Yet Rated
        Who Killed the Electric Car?

        "If you don't know how to draw, you don't belong in this building" - John Lasseter 2006


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