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'Sahara' Dry as the Desert (or how did we miss this horrifying connection!!!!!)


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  • 'Sahara' Dry as the Desert (or how did we miss this horrifying connection!!!!!)

    Fox 5/16/05

    Sahara" was directed by Breck Eisner, son of soon-to-be-former Disney chief Michael Eisner. It was his first blockbuster production.

    Hopefully, it will be his last.

    (The article goes on to discuss how the film comes close to matching the money-losing prowess of "Around the World in 80 Days")

    Is anyone else concerned that not only does Eisner have progeny, but they are making movies?
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    Breck Eisner makes a movie that domestically made half of its budget back? Is anyone really surprised about this?

    Where did that production money come from? His daddy's undeserved bonus?

    Blockbuster? More like lackluster.
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      Film has reached a sad state. We are at the point now where so many movies are being mass produced, hardly any will be remembered. 10 years from now who is going go to into a video store and say "Ooo Sahara and House of Wax...classics" it really sucks. Films are quickly assembled for profit and are forgotten just as soon as they are released. Plus Eisner is an evil man and I'm sure his son is just as evil and ugly. Am I Kathy Bates in disguise?


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        I saw a movie a few years back directed by Tim Disney (grandson or great nephew of Walt I think), called "Blessed Art Thou." OmG, it was HORRIBLE. He wrote it too. bleh. He was at the screening doing a Q&A. I don't think it ever got released (be thankful).


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          Its such a terrible shame an EISNER screwed up my favorite action author's (Clive Cussler) movie, this is a well respected bestseller author that I have followed for 30 some years, his only other movie was "Raise the Titanic" that was fair. Clive Cussler deserves to have his novels done well and not mini-me micromanaged....
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            My wife and I were going to attend the Sahara premiere until we found out who directed it and who would be there (Breck Eisner). Sadly, this is the second time they have screwed Clive Cussler, the author of the book this was based on.

            After "Raise the Titanic" he swore that he would never allow anyone to make a movie of one of his books. 25 years later, they convinced him to do Sahara and then lied about his creative control. My wife and I know Clive and during a trip with him last year, he said he hated this film and actually has a pending lawsuit that goes to trial in November suing the studio and the producers.

            Photo of my wife and Clive
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              That is so awesome that you know Clive Cussler, I have read every one of his novels no less than 3 times if not more. Though he has a co-author as of lately and new characters his adventures were the best. I highly recommend reading all of his Dirk Pitt novels and even his true life search for treasure and lost history is exciting in his Sea Hunter books.

              He should partner up with Roy Disney and take those rottens Eisners for all they have. :devil:
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                Yes. I"m one of the ten people who saw it. Breck Eisner owes me $8.00 (plus popcorn).
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                  I kept thinking throughout the whole movie was, "when is this movie supposed to get good?"
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                    Originally posted by Cuzco-topia
                    I kept thinking throughout the whole movie was, "when is this movie supposed to get good?"
                    I was so very close to standing up and yelling END!!! END!!!!!
                    What an idiot....

                    Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.


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                      Hey hey hey. Oh my god whoa you guys are NASTY.

                      This film is pretty good. It isn't all Eisner's fault this film made half it's budget. Hello, is the director required to go out and do all the publicity as well? I went to see the film and I must say it isn't quite as bad as some of you Eisner SENIOR haters make it out to be. The film is quite good actually. So shut up. :P
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