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'Ocean's 13' 6/8/07


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  • 'Ocean's 13' 6/8/07

    Ocean's 13 Teaser Trailer Hits

    Source: Warner Bros. Pictures
    December 20, 2006

    Warner Bros.Pictures has revealed the new teaser trailer for director Steven Soderbergh's Ocean's 13, which hits theaters on June 8. The third film stars George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Don Cheadle, Bernie Mac, Casey Affleck, Scott Caan, Eddie Jemison, Shaobo Qin, Carl Reiner, Elliott Gould, Ellen Barkin and Al Pacino.

    You can watch the teaser via this link.

    'Ocean's 13' antes up 7/21 - 3/27/06
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    Re: 'Ocean's 13' 6/8/07

    That looks AWESOME!!!!!


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      Re: 'Ocean's 13' 6/8/07

      I swear, it had better be better than Ocean's 12...
      What an idiot....

      Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.


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        Re: 'Ocean's 13' 6/8/07

        'Ocean's Thirteen' to bow at Cannes

        Soderbergh to screen out of competition

        Cannes bow of 'Ocean's Thirteen' will continue the love affair between Hollywood and the fest.


        By Alison James
        March 15, 2007

        PARIS -- Steven Soderbergh's "Ocean's Thirteen" will make its international bow at Cannes, screening out of competition.

        As ever, Cannes is keeping tight-lipped about its program for the 60th annual event, ahead of its official lineup announcement April 19.

        The studio and fest have yet to determine a date for the gala screening, with hopes that as many of the pic's lead actors -- George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Al Pacino, et al -- can attend.

        "Thirteen" offers the latest evidence that the Hollywood-Cannes romance is in full bloom.

        The fest benefits from the presence of Hollywood stars, while the major studios get a high-profile international bow for their pics. That's become increasingly important as the studios are opening more and more tentpoles with day-and-date summer bows.

        However, Sony's launch of "The Da Vinci Code" last year pointed up the perils that Hollywood faces on the Croisette. The pic was resoundingly panned by jet-lagged critics, while other journalists took the opportunity to blast the company's keep-it-under-wraps strategy and its expensive and chaotic post-preem party.

        The pic proved critic-proof, grossing $758 million worldwide. But other films in recent years -- as diverse as "Marie Antoinette," "Hollywood Ending" and "The Ladykillers" -- didn't seem to benefit from the high profile.

        However, some big Hollywood titles, like "Shrek 2" and "X-Men 3" have been buoyed by Cannes bows.

        "Thirteen" reps WB's third out-of-competition presence in Cannes in recent years, following "Troy" in 2004 and "The Matrix Reloaded" in 2003.

        The only official acknowledgement so far is fest prexy Gilles Jacob's mention of the May 20 screening of "Chacun son cinema," a feature consisting of three-minute shorts by 35 world-ranking directors to mark the fest's 60th anniversary.

        Aside from "Thirteen's" star power, director Soderbergh -- winner of the Palme d'Or in 1989 for his first film "Sex, lies and videotape" -- epitomizes the kind of high-profile international auteur that Cannes likes to showcase.

        The helmer went to the Croisette with two other films, "King of the Hill" in competition in 1993 and "The Limey," which screened out of competition in 1999. He was also on the fest's jury in 2003.

        Stephen Frears presides over the competition jury this year for the festival, which runs May 16-27.
        "If you don't know how to draw, you don't belong in this building" - John Lasseter 2006


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          Re: 'Ocean's 13' 6/8/07

          :lol: teaser trailer is great. I can't wait!


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            Re: 'Ocean's 13' 6/8/07

            waste of time im thinking.... oceans 12 was horridddd...i had to watch oceans 11 like 6 times to get the bad taste outta my mouth..13 will be more of the same im afraid but maybe it'll be ok...
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              Re: 'Ocean's 13' 6/8/07

              I'm just glad horse teeth isn't in it.

              It looks great!
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                Re: 'Ocean's 13' 6/8/07

                I'm a huge fan so I can't wait!


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                  Re: 'Ocean's 13' 6/8/07

                  I really liked Ocean's Eleven but Twelve was awful. I am so sick of sequels though!


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                    Re: 'Ocean's 13' 6/8/07

                    Originally posted by Tui View Post
                    I swear, it had better be better than Ocean's 12...
                    OMG I KNOW. I loved, loved, loved Ocean's 11, and was SO disappointed in Ocean's 12. I thought it was so awful. I really want this one to be better, because I loved the first one, and I love the cast to pieces. (Also it has Al Pacino, who I adore.) I thought the trailer was good. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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                      Re: 'Ocean's 13' 6/8/07

                      'Ocean's' premiere supports Darfur

                      Stars to help raise funds for Not on Our Watch

                      Benefits surrounding the bow of 'Ocean's Thirteen'
                      will help raise funds for Darfur.


                      By Pamela McClintock
                      May 9, 2007

                      Hoping to spin hunk power into relief aid, producer Jerry Weintraub and "Ocean's Thirteen" stars George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Don Cheadle will use the bow of the summer tentpole to support relief efforts in the Darfur region of western Sudan.

                      Cadre is launching a new humanitarian org named Not On Our Watch through which to focus their efforts.

                      Weintraub will throw a launch party for the new org on May 22 in Cannes, two days before the Warner Bros. sequel makes its world preem on the Croisette.

                      In early June, Weintraub and his gang will host benefit premieres for the Warner Bros. film in Las Vegas and Chicago, with the proceeds going to Not On Our Watch.

                      North American preem takes place June 5 in Los Angeles. Earlier in the day, Weintraub, Clooney, Pitt and Damon will have their handprints and footprints cemented in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater.

                      According to Warner, Weintraub is the first producer to have both his handprints and footprints taken.

                      "I'm really excited. I didn't think I would be. I've had my star on Hollywood Blvd. for many years," Weintraub said.

                      On June 6, Weintraub and many from the cast, which also includes Ellen Barkin, Al Pacino and Andy Garcia, head to Vegas, where "Ocean's Thirteen" -- set in Sin City -- will open the CineVegas Film Festival.

                      Weintraub and his entourage will head from Las Vegas to Chicago, where a benefit preem hosted by Vanity Fair will be held June 7.

                      Not on Our Watch supports existing relief efforts in war-torn Darfur and works to protect the people living in that region.
                      "If you don't know how to draw, you don't belong in this building" - John Lasseter 2006


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                        Re: 'Ocean's 13' 6/8/07

                        Originally posted by Tui View Post
                        I swear, it had better be better than Ocean's 12...

                        I loved Oceans 11, but could only watch about 15 minutes of Ocean's 12, it was that bad. Part of me wants to see this because it couldn't possibly be worse than Ocean's 12, but part of me is afraid that it would be.
                        She did it!


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                          Re: 'Ocean's 13' 6/8/07

                          Warner Bros. wants the part of you with $10 to show up. Enjoy the film!
                          "If you don't know how to draw, you don't belong in this building" - John Lasseter 2006


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                            Re: 'Ocean's 13' 6/8/07

                            I saw Ocean's 12 on a plane - so it was good cause well I didn't want to sleep, read or stare at the persons head in front of me! LOL

                            I'm looking forward to this one - it's got Al Pacino and AL is always good - but this one looks very funny - Matt Damon gets to use his comedy chops which is good cause he's always in the dramatic roles - Brad/George always good together
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                              Re: 'Ocean's 13' 6/8/07

                              So excited!

                              Ocean's Thirteen

                              Pic continues the breezy good times of the first two series entries without missing a beat.

                              As smooth as a good mojito, as stylish as an Armani suit and as meaningful in the grand scheme of things as yesterday's Las Vegas betting odds, "Ocean's Thirteen" continues the breezy good times of the first two series entries without missing a beat. By returning the action to Vegas, producer Jerry Weintraub and director Steven Soderbergh recapture the feel of the 2001 original after the 2004 European detour that bugged some fans. With George, Brad, Matt and the rest pulling another ultra-cool con without breaking a sweat, and with Al Pacino ideal as their new nemesis, Warner Bros. can bet on cashing in for yet another franchise payday.

                              full review at:
                              "If you don't know how to draw, you don't belong in this building" - John Lasseter 2006


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