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Anyone know about this Disney short feature?

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  • Anyone know about this Disney short feature?


    I have only seen this once, and it looked like it was made in the 50's or 60's. I don't know the exact name, but the program featured a dog named "Candy the Corgi". The dog accidently gets lost and then of course gets found for the happy ending. It was all live action.

    It might have been called something like "Candy the Incorrigible Corgi", or something like that.

    I would really be interested if any of you have seen this, and know if it is available on a DVD collection or VHS.

    Far from the frenzy of the frantic world above.

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    Re: Anyone know about this Disney short feature?

    I don't have my Wonderful World of Television book handy right now to check, but, looking at the anthology show listing on Bill Cotter's site, I think that's Little Dog Lost, originally shown in 1963 and repeated through the years, an episode of the anthology show that was one of my favorites as a youngster. It probably popped up on Vault Disney in more recent years when Disney Channel still had that programming block. Don't think it's ever been available on video or DVD, but, like a lot of those old episodes, I sure wish it was!


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      Re: Anyone know about this Disney short feature?

      Thank you, Sparky!

      Yes, thanks to your post, I found the info on IMDB. As you mentioned, it was from the "Disneyland" show and was broadcast in 1963. I saw it about 10 years ago on the Disney channel, and that was the only time I have ever seen it. The episode stuck in my mind because my wife and I had just gotten a Corgi puppy, and have always wanted to get a copy of the program. I guess I will keep waiting...

      Thanks again Sparky, for putting me on the right track!

      Here is the synopsis, in case anyone else is interested:

      Plot Summary for
      Little Dog Lost (1963)

      The story of Candy, a little Welsh Corgi, who's raised by his family from a little puppy. But when he's grown up, he gets lost, has adventures, and learns to herd cattle before he's reunited with his family...only that's not where he wants to be.

      Little dog gets lost and finds a friend to share his journey with. Together they meet an array of characters that change both of the dogs lives. Through many trials and tribulations they finally find what they want most out of life...
      Far from the frenzy of the frantic world above.