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'D!RT' starring Courteney Cox


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  • 'D!RT' starring Courteney Cox

    This new series begins January 2nd at 10PM on FX.

    Cox dishes the 'Dirt' in role as a tabloid editor

    Posted 12/27/2006 9:47 PM ET

    Not friendly: Courteney Cox plays celebrity magazine editor Lucy Spiller.

    By Bill Keveney, USA TODAY

    In FX's Dirt, the hunted gets to play the hunter.

    As tabloid editor Lucy Spiller, Courteney Cox oversees the same kind of paparazzi that hounded her when she was pregnant with her daughter, Coco, now 21/2.

    "It was completely insane," she says.

    It also provided inspiration for what would become Dirt (Tuesday, 10 p.m. ET/PT).

    Cox, who also had experience with paparazzi while starring in Friends, insists her new drama isn't a tool for revenge. In Dirt, as in the real Hollywood, celebrities also have a role in the tabloid fame game, she says, providing information, negotiating coverage and trying to put their spin on the story.

    "Magazines need paparazzi, paparazzi need celebrities, and the celebrities need the paparazzi to get in the magazines. It's just a cyclical thing," she says. In Dirt, "I don't think we're making anyone look particularly great."

    Cox, 42, an executive producer with her husband, David Arquette, initially wasn't going to act in Dirt. But she loved the Spiller character, a tough-as-nails editor whose shell is starting to crack. "I played a girl for 10 years, and it's nice to play a woman," she says.

    She gets raves from Arquette. "I'm so proud of her as an actress, this amazing character she's developing. She's taking all these risks," he says. Spiller "is strong and kind of cutthroat, an amazing woman and also really damaged. … It's such a departure from Monica" of Friends.

    As a producer, Arquette says, "my favorite part is the story elements, looking at cuts, having suggestions."

    His starring role in the upcoming ABC comedy In Case of Emergency means much of his Dirt involvement has been on the phone. One benefit is that he doesn't have to be on set for Cox's intimate scenes.

    "Love scenes are rough, but it is part of this business. It used to be a lot harder to deal with, but we're really secure in our relationship now," Arquette says. He says some producing responsibilities are necessary but not a lot of fun.

    "Your phone gets so hot you can hardly hold it to your ear."

    Cox has support from some familiar celebrities. Friends co-stars Jennifer Aniston, who Cox says "loves the show," and Matthew Perry attended a premiere screening.

    Dirt isn't based on real people or particular events, and at heart, "it's a salacious drama, all in fun," Cox says.

    Nevertheless, Cox, Arquette and creator Matthew Carnahan, who has a daughter with actress Helen Hunt, can call upon real experiences.

    During her pregnancy, Cox "couldn't leave the house without five cars following me." That has subsided, but she sees Aniston having to deal with that kind of scrutiny "all the time."
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    Re: 'D!RT' starring Courteney Cox

    Will stoop for scoop

    FX's new series 'Dirt' delves into an unsavory world: the tabloids.

    By Robin Abcarian
    Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
    January 2, 2007

    In real life, Courteney Cox, who plays the rapaciously ambitious editor of a tabloid magazine on the new FX series "Dirt," has pretty much gotten used to the guys with cameras who lie in wait as she exercises on the streets near her home. But what creeps her out most about this weird price of fame is not being able to spend a carefree day at the beach with her little girl. (And don't even ask about Coco's paparazzi-studded 2nd birthday trip to Disneyland earlier this year.ever so slightly sympathetic toward the intensely competitive tabloid editors and photographers whose job it is to make life hell for celebrities so that we may enjoy their fashions and foibles.

    "The thing I understand more that has allowed me not to be a hard ... with paparazzi or people in that industry is that everybody is just doing their job," said Carnahan during a break at a Hollywood sound studio. He paused. "You know, I don't know if that's actually really how I feel," he said with a chuckle. After a moment he added, "It's just a fact of life, like the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, there will always be, certainly for our lifetimes, people lurking in the bushes trying to get pictures of people the world deems celebrities."
    Cox ended up recruiting some of the paparazzi who were bothering her and invited them to be interviewed about their work.

    As for the editor, it's not clear in the first several episodes what, exactly, will be lovable about Lucy Spiller, who is frigid in all the usual senses. She Tasers a lover after a one-night stand, casually engages in blackmail, fires subordinates for minor infractions and reads page proofs in bed while masturbating. Monica? Is that you? ("I am faking it, obviously," Cox said, "but I remember sweating about that one.")

    In their research for the show, Carnahan and Cox met with several high-profile editors, including Janice Min of Us Weekly and Rebekah Wade of Rupert Murdoch's Sun tabloid, which has the highest circulation of any English-language newspaper in the world.

    "I was knocked out by how brilliant she was," Carnahan said. "Smart, funny, engaging, mischievous, clever. Not morally corrupt. Morally complex."

    Cox spent time with Jane Pratt, the founding editor of Sassy and Jane magazines (and, incidentally, the short-lived Dirt, which was aimed at teenage boys), who is one of her closest friends.

    The one major editor they don't mention hovers over the show as a sort of ghostly inspiration.

    Carnahan and Cox say they have never met her, but it's hard to get away from the idea that Spiller is a fictional spawn of Bonnie Fuller, the calculating and driven magazine editor who has not just sated but helped create the appetite for empty-calorie celebrity coverage and who currently sits atop the heap at American Media, the conglomerate that owns Star and the National Enquirer. Her formula of sex, photos and grabby captions was developed during her meteoric rise, which has included stints at Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and US Weekly.

    "I never met Bonnie Fuller," Carnahan said. But, he added, "Her reputation looms large over this world. So I am sure there are pieces of Bonnie Fuller in there, and there is so much great apocrypha."

    Added Cox: "People will make assumptions, and it's so not about her."

    But like Fuller, Spiller rationalizes that what she prints is defensible as the truth. "It's not really her right to expose people's truths, but in her mind it is," Cox said of her character. "In her mind, she has a job to do."

    And the fruits of that job, as even the most put-upon celebrity will attest, are ravenously consumed by an insatiable public. Cox, whose 2 1/2-year-old daughter knows the word "paparazzi," loathes unflattering photos of herself but is tickled by flattering ones. "It's a human impulse," Cox said. "I like to look at the pictures."

    Carnahan said there is not a moment in the writers' room when one of them is not lost, utterly lost, in the pages of a glossy weekly or one of the tabs. "I started reading the tabs for research," Carnahan said, "but I'm like the actor who decided to try heroin because I was playing a junkie."

    Nearly 10 years ago, after Princess Diana was killed in an alcohol- and paparazzi-fueled car chase in Paris, Carnahan remembers thinking that some sort of cultural apocalypse had taken place, that the celebrity obsession that so clearly contributed to her death would change. "I thought, now we are going to shift into something more elegant, more distanced, more objective, more human," he said.

    "Boy, was I wrong."
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      Re: 'D!RT' starring Courteney Cox

      FX's Dirt Dishes Up Solid Ratings

      JANUARY 04, 2007 -
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        Re: 'D!RT' starring Courteney Cox

        It had to happen:

        Jen Aniston, Courteney Cox to Reunite on TV

        MONDAY JANUARY 15, 2007 07:30 PM EST
        TUESDAY JANUARY 16, 2007 02:00 AM EST UPDATED

        Aniston (left) and Cox Photo by: Kevin Winter / Getty Images for AFI
        Former FriendsDirtFriends went off the air in 2004.

        Just last week Cox said that Aniston had expressed interest in appearing on Dirt.Friends reunion, said Cox. "It's too hard to get everyone together.",00.html
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          Re: 'D!RT' starring Courteney Cox

          I LOVE this show. I watched the pilot last week(thank God for DVR) and I was instantly hooked.

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            Re: 'D!RT' starring Courteney Cox

            I watched it...and was not impressed. Freud was right...all about sex and violence. I know it's trying to be edgy, but there wasn't enough substance or character to pull it off. The only redeaming value to me was the viewpoint from the photographer.

            I dunno...maybe it'll get better in time.
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              Re: 'D!RT' starring Courteney Cox

              ^It's gotta be tough to try to hit as many 'Nip/Tuck' hot buttons as possible and still create and produce a completely new show. It's got some real possibilities but needs better writers.
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                Re: 'D!RT' starring Courteney Cox

                I bet Matt LeBlanc's kicking himself for not thinking of these stunts for 'Joey' before it was way too late...

                Aniston loves the ladies on 'Dirt'

                Updated 1/23/2007 10:52 PM ET

                By Charley Gallay, Getty Images
                A lesbian kiss and a visit to a plastic surgeon? What happened to Rachel?

                By Karen Thomas and William Keck, USA TODAY

                A lesbian kiss and a visit to a plastic surgeon? What happened to Rachel?

                Friends darling Jennifer Aniston will play a lesbian in her guest stint of FX's Dirt and share a kiss with Dirt star Courteney Cox, confirms Dirt producer Matthew Carnahan. The former Friends co-stars, who are best friends in real life, play bitter enemies and rival tabloid editors on the March 27 season finale.

                A day after taping the episode last week, Aniston checked into the offices of plastic surgeon Raj Kanodia for an outpatient cosmetic procedure on her nose, Us Weekly reports in issues hitting stands Friday. Her rep tells Us that Aniston had surgery Jan. 20 to correct a deviated septum that was incorrectly done more than 12 years ago.
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                  Re: 'D!RT' starring Courteney Cox

                  I really enjoyed NIP/TUCK so I was interested in D!rt. I found that I liked some parts but it isn't anything I can just sit ans watch. I seem to enjoy it more when I am doing chores and just listening to it.

                  I do like the photo guy with manageable schizophrenia (when he take his meds) yea but what about when he does take them? :lol:
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                    Re: 'D!RT' starring Courteney Cox

                    I was actually looking forward to this show since I usually side with the paparazzi, but, after watching a couple episodes, I think the name describes it well. The show is dirt. plain and simple. It's practically soft porn. Nothing but sex. It has no plot, no storyline to's just sex.


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                      Re: 'D!RT' starring Courteney Cox

                      i love this show!! how exciting aniston and cox together again! i also saw that pilot episode and was completely hooked thank you Tivo!


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                        Re: 'D!RT' starring Courteney Cox

                        This is my new fav show. I love it. It's replacing nip/tuck.


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                          Re: 'D!RT' starring Courteney Cox

                          Courteney Cox: Jen & I Keep Kiss Clean

                          WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 14, 2007 03:50 PM EST
                          By Stephen M. Silverman

                          Aniston and Cox Photo by: Kevin Winter / Getty Images for AFI
                          Courteney Cox has a warning to those who are set to tune in to her FX show Dirt expecting to see a down-and-dirty scene with her former Friends costar Jennifer Aniston: "There is no tongue."

                          Speaking to TV's Access Hollywood in an interview to air Wednesday, Cox says, "It is really not a big deal to kiss" Aniston, who plays a lesbian rival editor.

                          "I am not saying don't tune in to watch Jennifer on the show, because she is fantastic and you get to see us together again," says Cox, "but if you think it is just about a major make-out session, you will be disappointed."

                          In the March 27 Dirt episode, Aniston gives Cox's tabloid editor Lucy Spiller a "goodbye peck," a source close to the show told PEOPLE.

                          Asked if the two had ever locked lips before, Cox said, "Our first (assistant director) on FriendsDirt cast and crew, said Cox. "When she first arrived everyone was really quiet. It was like they were giving her respect and I was like, 'This is my bud Jen. Come on people, let's have some fun.' And by day two everyone was more loose, and by day three we were having a ball."

                          Cox added, "Let me tell you. That girl cuts up just as much as the rest of us. She is very fun and she's goofy and she is just a doll. She is a great fun person with a great sense of humor."

                          Finally, as for Aniston's birthday party, which Cox's hosted last weekend, Cox got sick and had to spend the evening in her daughter's room. Still, Cox said was knew Vince Vaughn would attend, saying: "They are friends."
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