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Muppet Wizard of Oz Reactions?


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  • Muppet Wizard of Oz Reactions?

    Thought I'd go ahead and get this thread started.

    My reactions:
    Whoever's doing Miss Piggy's voice is okay but he's no Frank Oz
    Fozzie just doesn't sound right - actually sounds more like Miss Piggy
    This seems more like a drawn-out Ashanti music video. Miss Piggy should have been Dorothy IMO.
    They were going for the irreverence that the Muppets are famous for, but did they push it too far? I never thought I'd hear a reference to Girls Gone Wild in a Muppet movie. Not to mention the fact that I could've gone my whole life without hearing Gonzo say "nipples."

    These have been my thoughts as I've been watching.

    Anyone else?

  • #2
    I missed the 1st few minutes, but loved the rest of the movie. They definitely brought is into the 21st century.

    BUT WHY did Eisner HAVE to make is egotistical appearance. I can't stand that guy pretending to be Walt. Can't he just say good bye, so we can say good ridance.
    Critter Country's a mess ev'r since the Country Bears were kicked out. Ya can't cover pooh with honey and 'spect people ta like it.
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    • #3
      I enjoyed it.

      I agree that Miss Piggy should have been Dorothy.
      I liked the little side jokes about Disneyland (ie: when the house lands in Oz and Louie says"Its a small word after all")
      I loved the penquins, I think they are so cute.
      But I did not like Ashanti's portrayal of Dorothy.

      I think the whole nipple thing shouldnt have been there, or when the wizard tried to be a sexy woman for Gonzo, or for that matter, the last song Ashanti sang, just her body language during it, I think these things were wrong when you know younger children were watching this.

      Kermit was wonderful though! :bow:

      (do you think the Finding Nemo Subs line will be under 3 hours by then?)


      • #4
        I thought the movie was only fair at best. I hope kids liked it, but it didn't have much adult appeal. That was the great thing about the Muppets in the 70s and was smart witty entertainment for all ages.

        For as much as the narrative wasn't interesting, Ashanti's bad acting, and no reason to care at all about the character's wants, I found myself laughing out loud several times. There's just something about good Muppet one-liners and absurd throw away jokes that make me laugh. Pepe's quip about JLo ("you know, maybe a little date between marriages") had me rolling, and Pepe did get most of the best jokes.

        But, overall it just wasn't an interesting movie. It was just missing the classic Muppet "heart" which makes the viewer care.


        • #5
          Disappointing. DD said that Ashanti should stick with singing, and I didn't think the writing was all that great for the Muppets. Blah..... ready for season 1 Muppet Show on DVD! Only saving grace was Pepe!
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          • #6
            did anybody cacth that joke about frank oz
            "excuse me mr wizard but would you happen to be related to FRANK oz"


            • #7
              ORWEN: Well, here comes a Cauldron girl's SECOND chance on Miceage--to react to this...this...travesty of a wasted celuloid roll. The movie was about as appealing as sitting around in a mosquito and snake infested swamp--waiting desperately to be rescued from.

              ORDDU: As I said, before, mixing contemporary music and modern culture ideas with fairytales that are supposed to be timeless is a disaster. This sorry version of the Wizard of Oz deserves to be forgotten more quickly than a speech about how the company is doing by Mr. Eisner.

              ORGOCH: I say just load up all them wasted reels a film on this and throw 'em down the Out House hole!!

              ORWEN: Normally I like the Muppets but the live action actors killed this poor thing. Dorothy Gale should have been a puppet instead of this Ashanti person--who is so full of self-promotion and conceited values that she comes across like a young hooker trying to break into the cut-throat world of Show Business. The REAL Dorothy Gale was humble and endearing--nothing at all like this Dorothy 'wanna-be'.

              ORDDU: At least we don't have to ever worry about THIS version being a threat to the M-G-M verison. In a very short time, it will be totally forgotten.


              • #8
                I only saw about 4 minutes in the beginning with Ashanti before declaring this one a dismal waste of television air time. Feh.
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                • #9
                  i havent seen it but im not an ashanti fan... at all. I thought they couldve picked a better actress (if you even wanna call ashanti and actres) or just kept it strictly muppets.



                  • #10
                    Only complaint is Sam's voice, it sounded WAY off, too much like Cookie Monster.
                    ...a vaguely celtic music fills the air...


                    • #11
                      I watched it all the way through and I think they could of done without the stripper oops I mean Ashanti and the sexual innuendos (sp). Its supposed to be a family movie. The movie was ok at best and it wasnt for the great onliners by the prawn, the TV would of been turned off. bummer...
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                      • #12
                        I was excited to see this movie because I kept hearing about it in my store and because I love the Muppets. I'm excited to see where Disney is going to take them and what they will do next. I'm an optimist so here's what I thought.

                        First of all the worst part of this movie was the Eisner message half way through. He has said before that he is no Walt and should not host shows as he did. It got worse when Miss Piggy was flirting with him. She did that with Ty when they helped on Extreme Makeover Home Edition and that was cute, funny, and expected. It was uncalled for with Eisner.

                        Although Ashanti isn't the best actress I still thought she was cute. It could have been one of Disney's other television kids: Raven, Christy Carlson Ramano, Hilary Duff, or many others. I thought her moves were somewhat sexual too but I guess that's the least of our worries. The Girls Gone Wild and nipples comment were quite out there too. I asked my boyfriend if he thought kids would pick up on them and we thought that the Girls Gone Wild one might have been too quick but the nipples one they would have gotten. There was another moment where Gonzo says something after the which melts and it sounds like he called her a "*itch," but when replayed (thanks to DVR) mulitple times it was "witch."

                        I agree and say that Fozzie did sound quite a bit much like Miss Piggy. But I tried to forget about it and laugh at his jokes. The Frank Oz comment was cute and I also tried to look for hidden mickeys in the "Oz" design on the gates and it kind of looks like one.

                        There was one thing I was thinking Disney was trying to do with this movie. Not only are they trying to re-introduce them as one of my news articles said but they are trying to use the parents that grew up on them to show them to their kids. I feel with Ashanti and Toto's characters hit two different demographics repsectively. Hopefully that will be successful for Disney and the Muppets.

                        Overall I thought it was a cute movie and I'd watch it again. I enjoyed it a lot more than the other Muppet Movies and felt like it was a step in the right direction for Disney and the Muppets. I can't wait to see what's next. I hope it's another The Muppets Show tv show. On another note, this movie won't exactly be forgotten. It comes out on DVD August 9th. (and the first season of the original Muppet Show comes out on DVD then too.)


                        • #13
                          "[QUOTE]First of all the worst part of this movie was the Eisner message half way through. He has said before that he is no Walt and should not host shows as he did"

                          You said a mouthful there! Eisner doesn't know when to stop. I was disguisted by Eisner insisting on promoting himself, AGAIN, and was secretly hoping Miss Piggy would give him a big raspberry, or at least one of her famous karate chops!


                          Critter Country's a mess ev'r since the Country Bears were kicked out. Ya can't cover pooh with honey and 'spect people ta like it.
                          An Adventurers It's Time to Put the Spotlight Back on Bring Back the REAL Disney Gallery
                          Life for Me! ~ ~ ~ Melvin, Buff, and Max!!! ~~~~ Dump the Dream Suite!
                          Meese-ka Moose-ka Mice-Chatter!


                          • #14
                            Ashanti took away from it. Almost to the point of Distraction. Otherwise it was good. I think a Child should have played Dorothy, as she should be.
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                            • #15
                              I think a better story would have been to satirize the Disney lawyers and Turner every time that the cast tried to use the movie stuff that Turner owns. But then, the Disney lawyers might have sued.

                              Muppets (those from "The Muppet Show") are not just for children.


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