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Walt and Roy: Advice for MBAs

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  • Walt and Roy: Advice for MBAs

    From "Foundations for the Disney Business" - a vintage WDP manifesto that still resonates beautifully today. This is what Walt Disney's business was all about.

    "Disney entertainment speaks an international language that spans oceans, boundaries and cultural barriers. To people of all ages, everywhere around the world, the Disney name immediately communicates three things: Quality, Uniqueness and Value. And the Disney organization communicates a vivid understanding and relationship with its family audience, friendliness, and a dynamic inter-related diversity. Walt Disney's legacy for the future is far greater than the physical assets of our company. It involves a sacred public intangible that can't be bought at any integrity that must be protected at any cost." More...

    If you've missed this article online in the past, you really must read the whole thing at: