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Mickey's Magic Show -- US tour


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  • Mickey's Magic Show -- US tour

    Hey Mousketeers!
    The past month has been crazy for me so I didn't have an opportunity to post this item until now, and if it's already been posted and discussed and I overlooked it, please forgive me!
    Last month I had the incredible opportunity to take my girlfriend and her 2 preschool age children to see Mickey's Magic Show in Indianapolis. Let me tell you that it is an absolutely outstanding stage show and a show no Disney fan, parent of small children, or "old fashioned" magic fan should miss. I just read part 1 of a 2 part article at Jim Hill Media concerning the creation and development of the show, and encourage you to read it as well.
    The magic show is full of wonderful magic tricks, great characters (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy as well as princesses, Alice, Madhatter, Queen, etc) those great Disney songs, beautiful costumes, delightful sets and scenery, and 2 very talented young men who "run" the show for Mickey. However, the best part for me was the fact that Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Daisy all had moving mouths and eyes that blinked and winked!!!! Also, the characters could remove their hats, put on other hats, and the hats didn't fall off the costume heads! I was shocked when Goofy got tangled up in the curtain ropes and flipped upside down and his big green hat fell off his head. When Donald helped him down he bent over, picked up his hat, dusted it off and effortlessly plopped it on his head. Later in the show Mickey removed his top hat and replaced it with his sorcerer hat!!! Heck, that was worth the admission price for me right there! At the end of the show Mickey looked at the audience, mouthed "See ya real soon!" and then winked!!! I had goose bumps!
    Folks, go to Ticketmaster or wherever you can find info on this show and try to see it!!! It's delightful for young and old alike!!

    May you be surrounded by your pals this holiday season!

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    Re: Mickey's Magic Show -- US tour

    Whoops! I posted this article in the wrong forum....SORRY! I thought I clicked on the forum above this one. Again, sorry.

    May you be surrounded by your pals this holiday season!


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