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POTC3: at world's end


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  • POTC3: at world's end

    Captain Jack attacks again! I really cant wait for this movie to come out, i already know a lot about it! I'll just give you people a little hint about it.... WARNING MAY CONTAIN SOME SPOILERS FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DO NOT WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT YET!!! YE BE WARNED!!!

    Davy Jones's love life has to do with the whole POTC3 I AM NOT SURE OF THIS BUT THIS IS WHAT I READ. all I'm telling you is that the woman he loved was Calypso, The sea goddess. LIKE I SAID I AM NOT SURE IF THIS IS TRUE OR NOT, BUT I WOULDNT BE SURPRISED TO FIND OUT THAT CALYPSO IS TIA DALMA FROM POTC 2 BUT I AM NOT SURE THIS IS JUST WHAT I READ ABOUT!!!!!!! and it turns out that Will Turner and Jack Sparrow really are distant cousins but i am not sure of this yet. We should all remember the pelagostos from pirates 2? the cannibals?? well jack used to "date" Tia Dalma or Calypso, so the reason why the cannibals made Jack their chief was because Jack was with Tia Dalma as said above so they captured him because they believed he is a god because Tia Dalma is probably the Sea Goddess it's all difficult to explain, but if you would like to know more than just ask me because their is too much to explain all at once!!!
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