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Best movies of 2006?


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  • Best movies of 2006?

    WHat movies do you believe were the best of 2006? Here's my list:

    Little Miss Sunshine


    Children of Men
    "Pain is temporary, Film is Forever..."

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    Re: Best movies of 2006?

    Blood Diamond

    Happy Feet

    Hmmm I know there are others but they aren't coming to mind. I don't feel that 2006 was one of the better movie years. This one will be way better.


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      Re: Best movies of 2006?

      While I still have yet to see ANYTHING that was released in the month of december, here's my top rated movies of the year...

      A Good Year: 7/10
      Stranger Than Fiction: 9/10
      Flags of our Fathers: 7/10
      The Queen: 7/10
      The Departed: 9/10
      Casino Royale: 8/10
      Flushed Away: 8/10
      Borat: 7/10
      Scoop: 7/10
      The Illusionist: 7/10
      Jet Li's Fearless: 8/10
      Little Miss Sunshine: 8/10
      Who Killed the Electric Car?: 7/10
      An Inconvenient Truth: 10/10
      Gridiron Gang: 7/10
      Monster House: 8/10
      A Scanner Darkly: 7/10
      The Devil Wears Prada: 7/10
      Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest: 9/10
      Nacho Libre: 7/10
      Superman Returns: 7/10
      Cars: 9/10
      X-Men: The Last Stand: 8/10
      Akeelah and the Bee: 9/10
      Keeping Up With The Steins: 8/10
      Mission: Impossible 3: 7/10
      American Dreamz: 7/10
      Thank You For Smoking: 9/10
      Inside Man: 8/10
      V For Vendetta: 8/10
      16 Blocks: 7/10

      And here's those that are average:

      Deja Vu: 6/10
      Fast Food Nation: 5/10
      The Holiday: 6/10
      Happy Feet: 5/10
      Let's Go To Prison: 4/10
      Everyone's Hero: 6/10
      Jackass Number Two: 4/10
      World Trade Center: 5/10
      Snakes on a Plane: 6/10
      Accepted: 6/10
      Talladega Nights: 6/10
      Barnyard: 6/10
      Idlewild: 5/10
      The Groomsmen: 5/10
      Miami Vice: 4/10
      My Super Ex-Girlfriend: 5/10
      Lady in the Water: 6/10
      You, Me, and Dupree: 4/10
      The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift: 6/10
      The Break Up: 6/10
      Over The Hedge: 6/10
      The Promise: 6/10
      Poseidon: 6/10
      RV: 4/10
      Scary Movie 4: 4/10
      The Benchwarmers: 6/10
      The Wild: 6/10
      Ice Age 2: The Meltdown: 5/10
      Dave Chappelle's Block Party: 6/10 Curious George: 6/10

      And here's the one that's TRULY bad.

      Date Movie: 1/10

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