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Settlement reached in Disney death lawsuit- Orlando Sentinel- 1/29/07


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  • Settlement reached in Disney death lawsuit- Orlando Sentinel- 1/29/07

    Article from the Orlando Sentinel - January 29, 2007
    Settlement reached in Disney death lawsuit

    Settlement reached in Disney death lawsuit
    Walt Disney World and the family of a 4-year-old boy who died in June 2005 after collapsing on Mission: Space settled a lawsuit the family had filed alleging wrongful death.

    Circuit Judge George Sprinkel of Orange County approved the settlement on Jan. 11. No details were disclosed, except that each side would pay its own legal and court fees. Disney spokesman Jacob DiPietre and Robert Samartin of Tampa, an attorney representing the family of Daudi Bamuwamye, both declined to comment.

    The Final Order of Dismissal with Prejudice can be found here.
    Full Story: Settlement reached in Disney death lawsuit
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    Re: Settlement reached in Disney death lawsuit- Orlando Sentinel- 1/29/07

    I was working the day it happened. Everyone was so sad and of course we new that the family would take it to court. We would take turns standing outside of the attraction saying that we were down for technical difficulties. Some guests can be so ignorant and selfish. When we told them that we were down they would get mad at us. If only they knew the truth of that day, I guess some of us in the world are ignorant.

    I knew the cast-member that gave the child CPR. I can't say too much about the details of that day as I am under contract with Disney. But what I will say is that everyone in the outside world (mostly media) attacked this cast member. Disney had to hide him for awhile as the media would be waiting outside of where he lived.

    I'm really tired of Disney getting a bad image for something they are not responsible for. This was purely an accident. The child had medical issues that no one was aware of. There were (and now many more) several warning signs of the consequences of riding with a bad heart and that it was strongly not recommended. It's undfortunate that a child who had the entire world in front of him was taken away from those who loved him, but it was purely an accident. No one is to blame!!!

    Still Disney ends up paying so they don't go to court. What kind of society do we live in? People are too anxious to sue and get rich quick. Are there no ethics? When will people take responsibility for their own actions (not the case here) and when will people understand that sometimes things just happen?

    This is becoming long so I just want to end with the fact that everyone working that day did everything in their power to save that boy! It was the fastest 911 response time of park history! The whole thing is just unfortunate.
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