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Top Chef Finale!


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  • Top Chef Finale!

    I heard the results were leaked earlier this week, but i cannot wait to see how it ends!

    I have such a love/hate feeling towards Marcel!!

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    Re: Top Chef Finale!

    I like Top Chef, just not this season of it - I'm really looking forward to the next Hell's Kitchen!
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      Re: Top Chef Finale!

      I like Top Chef - I've really enjoyed most of Bravo's reality shows. I'm not too excited about tonight's competition. Have the same love/hate thing with Marcel. And I couldn't care either way about Ilan. I just want to be a judge and eat something!!!
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        Re: Top Chef Finale!

        Originally posted by Trac View Post
        I like Top Chef, just not this season of it - I'm really looking forward to the next Hell's Kitchen!
        Hells Kitchen is pretty rad. I cant imagine cooking anything with all that yelling going on!!! The kitchen is my refuge!


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          Re: Top Chef Finale!

          I'm watching it as we speak (type?), but I have to say, this entire season has made me pretty bitter. :thumbdown I'm going to watch "Top Design" afterwards, and then, just sit back and wait for the next season of "Project Runway."
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            Re: Top Chef Finale!

            I watched the entire season yesterday, they were playing it on Bravo all day. I recorded the finale and am going to watch it soon. There was a lot of bickering and pointing fingers, just like any reality show. I enjoyed watching it since I love to cook. Although I am not sure about some of the things they made on there.
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              Re: Top Chef Finale!

              I really enjoyed this season of Top Chef. And I was
              happy that Marcel got into the final two. But how
              in the world did Ilan make it that far. Sam was much
              better throughout the whole season, I really expected
              him to be in the final two. It's really amazing that
              so many seemed to be calling Marcel childish, when
              Ilan was by far the bratty little kid.
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                Re: Top Chef Finale!

                I did not like this season. Couldn't get into it. I did not like the people.
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                  Re: Top Chef Finale!

                  I didn't think either of them deserved to make it, but I am glad Ilan won over Marcel. Elia and Sam should have made it, and you can tell by their behavior in the finale that they thought so too.
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