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Bravo's Top 20 Superheroes


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  • Bravo's Top 20 Superheroes

    Last night on Bravo in honor of the slew of superhero films that have come out recently and the next batch coming this summer, Adam West hosted a countdown of the top 20 superheroes and here is the list:

    1.) Spiderman
    2.) Superman
    3.) Batman
    4.) James Bond
    5.) Indiana Jones
    6) Luke Skywalker
    7) X-Men
    8) The Incredibles
    9) The Fantastic Four
    10) The Hulk
    11) Spawn
    12) Hellboy
    13) Flash Gordon
    14) The Mask
    15) Daredevil
    16) The Tick
    17) Austin Powers
    18) Conan
    19) Blade
    20) Men in Black
    Now I have my fair share of minor disputes- heroes who were left off and I am supremly confussed how the Incredibles overtook the Fantastic Four from which they ripped off but still the list is pretty decent...until you get to Number 1 and Number 2. How anyone could create a superhero list that Superman didn't take number 1, is beyond me.

    Weither you love the last son of kyrptone or not, you must admit he is the superhero by which all others will be judged. The original super human has a longer shelf life than Spiderman and continues to reinvent himself.

    What other heroes would top your list? Where is Wonder Woman? Captain America? Aquaman? The Flash? Iron-man? Thor?

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    I agree with you about this list...

    I love the Tick, but at 16 above Austin Powers? Spoon!!!!
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      Come to think of it, I guess I am not thrilled with Bond, Indiana Jones or Austin Powers making the list- these guys are action heroes not defined necessarily as super heroes. Even Men and Black and Conan are a stretch even though they do have comics now. I guess the defining principle for a superhero is some sort of comic book style influence. I would even make an argument for Bruce Willis' chracter in Unbreakable or Clive Owens as Hartigan or Mickey Rourke as Marv who showed extradoniary chracteristics beyond mortal men!


      • #4
        To this spy fan, James Bond and
        Austin powers are not really superheroes..they fall into sci fi as thier gadgets usually are not feasible, but Ian fleming would never call bond a super hero in with the likes of Green Lantern. BRAVO should be doing " eye for the tights guy".
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          Originally posted by Cousin Orville
          BRAVO should be doing " eye for the tights guy".
          Oh noooo ha ha ha :lol: I think they need STRAIGHT men to remind these guys to wear there underwear on the inside...its much easier to clean a pair of briefs than a latex bodysuit, should you have an accident as you see a commet coming towards the earth or the Joker drop an anvil on you!


          • #6
            Originally posted by ah schucks
            What other heroes would top your list? Where is Wonder Woman?
            Wonder Woman made it on the Top 20 Super Vixens. I forget which number, but I will tell you this...

            ... Charlie's Angels ranked higher than Wonder Woman.

            I do have to say, I was pretty impressed with the Evil Villians list.


            • #7
              Sorry....while I love Bond, Indy, and Luke as MOVIE heroes....they are not SuperHeroes in the truest sense of the term. And WHAT is the name of Zeus's butt is Austin Powers doing on this list??

              That being the case, did Bravo specifically identify the list as the best CINEMATIC Superheroes? If so, they likely ran out of heroes to fill out a top-20 list.

              Swamp Thing?
              The Flash?

              Ick....on second thought, let's leave out Swamp Thing. Peh! Peh!
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                I think the reason why you are going to find so many surprises with the ratings on this list is because it was done recently and I am quite sure the target age was 7 - 21. Given that, most of the vintage heroes probably were overlooked as there are other superheores more prominent now. Motion pictures, marketing, cartoons and games...the names that will make it high on the ratings list are the ones in these most recent things. I'd never follow one of those ratings because you never know how many people were actually surveyed or what the age target was or even the location. (Equally important) We can only guess.


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                  Originally posted by ah schucks
                  Even Men and Black and Conan are a stretch even though they do have comics now.
                  FYI Men in Black was a comic series that came out in the late 80's.


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